Thursday, November 4

Weekend off.

Since Regina is doing awsome we get 3 day weekend. NO hospital for 3 full days. What should we do with all the free time in our hands???
Next week is going to be really nerveracking. She has MRI scheduled on thursday. MRIs are the worst. It reminds us the harsh reality. Regina continues to do great and we want to forgot all about what is going on, but sadly , these reminders never let us forget.

She will be admitted for third round of chemo on next friday. ALLREADY!!! TImes flyes so fast here. It was not that long ago when we moved here, and now soon it is time to leave. :) We all wait when we can go back home but I feel sad . I'm so used to being around kids with cancer. I know more about all kinds of brain tumors and leukeemia and other types of cancer than I know about cooking ( how sad is this?) . I know that in the future I want to be more active about educating world about childhood cancers/tumors. I want to learn more about different studies, I want to meet familyes who are facing the same kind of decisions we once we did.

Carol!!! Once again you made Reginas day!! You continue to surprise us with your kindness. And your cards make us always smile :)

Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to make Regina's day, and to make both of you smile!! I hope you both have a fun weekend!! I always find your postings interesting....and it's much more important to talk to others about children with cancer than it is to know about cooking!! (You can always order out--LOL!!)
Enjoy your free time!!
Love to you both always--Carol :)

Kathy said...

Three whole days... Go to the Children's Museum, if you haven't been there yet, although the best time to go there is during the week, it's pretty crowded on the weekends.

There's also that Pink Palace museum, where my kids liked to watch the IMAX movies.

And, best of all, The Incredibles opens this weekend and the Peabody Theatres are great. We're going to see it tonight with some of the kid's friends, that was Steven's big thing he wanted to do when we got home.

He cried when he saw Sean at the airport yesterday.

Steven told me to tell Regina to "kick that cancer in the butt".

Thank you for dinner the other night-- it was wonderful and we enjoyed seeing you guys and some of our former Target House friends.