Friday, July 22

July in Hangzhou

Life in Hangzhou is different. Heat and humidity are not comparable to any other place I have lived before. It Rains almost every day and now we have heatwave  giving us hard time Today thermostat read 43C in shade.. WTF?? and humidity is about 100%. It feels like I live  in Sauna.  
I have no desire to go outside  :(
Our apartment sucks big time . It looks great , but ... HOT water runs out in every 2 minutes because boiler is only 11 liters.

COuntertops are to low and sinks  are to small. Hardly any dirty dishes fit in them.   NOW , AC is powerful, but it  is not central. It is manual. It sits in one corner and blows cold air to our necks, and because of that I got a cold... Just before my trip to ESTONIA :(. When I turn of AC , room gets HOT as hell within minutes. ..

Our elevators are also not air conditioned and are STINKY hot inside.  I am telling you. I am living now as  normal chinese person. What a life. Only difference is, I get stared at everywhere, people stop and look  and point and whisper. I hate it :( I also hate suburb life here. Not my thing. I really started LOVING beijing. Traffic sucked, but I was getting used to it. ...:)

After moving from Beijing to Hangzhou, we  visited US for 11 days. California First. Nick got really sick and had to be on antibiotics the whole trip. We argued a lot  because he felt like his vacation was "stolen" from him... AND he was the one who needed a real vacation.
California did not disappoint me. I loved our Aliso viejo Renaissance club and sport hotel  and I loved seeing familiar faces and i LOVED FOOD> OH, I had no idea how much I missed it till I tasted it.. .MMMMMM
From cali we flew to Washington DC.  It was our first time :D Gabriel loved every minute of it. I also got to meet my dear friend Leila there who actually lives in Cali, but was visiting area...  SO MUCH FUN :D

Long story short, we ended our trip in NY. AGAIN. I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS CITY ALL OVER AGAIN.
 Last time I visited NY was in 1999 I think. Or was it 2000 ??  Anyway. SO  much energy, so much life and  so many beautiful people. If I only was single... :D

Now we are back in Hangzhou and I have 4 more days before my trip to ESTONIA!! CAN't wait. I am going alone, because Nick thinks it is important for Gabe to learn some more chinese, and he is going to be staying to  his Aunt Jinsongs apartment for 3 weeks :D  Great . So , nick will get his "vacation" and break from us. But he will be working his assssss offf....:D:D:D:D

I hope you all are having awesome summer, and heat is not as bad as it is here:D

PS.. In a way Cali trip was little hard for me.. I wish Regina was here...xoxoxo