Saturday, December 30


I hope you all had fun-fille JUST WHAT I NEEDED kind of gifts. :)

We spent our Christmas in Big bear , learning to snowboard. We dropped Regina and Gabriel to snowboarding school, where they spent whole day learning to snowboard. Gabriel told me that HE LOVES it and it is lots of fun, but Regina thinks that It was fun, but not really her thing. :)

my dh had jetflag and missed his first day of snowboarding. ( wasted 150 dollars), and in most days he was sleeping until noon.. Our cabin was cute, but had few major issues. We wanted to use fireplace, but after 45 minutes of fire , smoke started to come into house. It was SMOKY AND WORST PART WAS that smoke detectors didi not activate. Very upsetting. Then, heater did not heat up second floor, so we all slept downstairs , also doors did not lock properly, and previous renters left trash everywhere ( outside). But overall, it was one of the funnest experiences I had in a long time. I learned to snowboard. It is unbelivable feeling to race down the hill and NOT fall once. But first day (4 hours) I spent sliding down on my I did injure myself couple of times, but I really did not care about that. :

Regina and Gabriel got for christmas- JUST what they needed- American girl dolls, pop up books, bike, Supergirl TV, clothes, puzzles,cars....

On 28th, it was our 8th weddig anniversary. We went to Beverly hills and had HUGE dinner in Brazilian BBQ- 15 different kinds of meat and Awsome salad bar,. After that we just walked around and ended up in bowling place for 21 and older. And after few more drinks we went back to our hotel.( kids were with babysitter). I desperately wanted to go to vegas, and we made plans to go there, but my dh chickened out- TO LONG DRIVE. He has been downer lately....

Today is dec.30 and tomorrow dec31. I still can not belive that one more year has passed. year 2006 was good but very challenging year. Regina started growth hormone therapy, ( and she is growing allready), she started antigen therapy for her allergines, 1st grade, new skills, new hobbies, she is learning to read, and so much more..

Tomorrow we will be going to LA Estonian house to welcome year 2007. :) Talk to you soon.

Stay safe. :)

Friday, December 15

Happy HOLLLLYYYDDDaaayyyySSSS. Oh my goodness, when did this happen- we only have 2 more weeks of 2006 and then it is over... OVER foreeeeeever....
If I think back, it was fun year. It was year full of challenges- Gabriel starting Kindergarten, Regina entering first grade and learning to read, Nick "moving "to china, Me starting college again, and so on ...
I really want to thank you for being here us and thinking about us and sending us letters, and cards and emails, and thank you for all the support you guys have given us throughout the year.:0 That really means lot to us... I hope little Thank You does it :)

NOW , Regina will be flying to St Jude on 8th of december. This time he will go with Nick, since that week I have to go back to college. Anyway, I made Nicks trip as easy as possible.. HE GOT LUCKY. When I fly, I have to fly from Santa ana to Minneapolis, and from there to Memphis... But Nick got NON STOP TICETS FROM LAX TO MEMPHIS. And that is thanks to me.. ( We'll that is my gift to him , It just costed me 5 minutes on phone with St Jude Travel office....Lol) . Regina has MRI 6.45 AM on tuesday the 9th, then Nutrition Follow up, then dr check up and that is it. They will be flying back on same day 3 pmish..:):):) Since I am obsessive compulsive something something, I am worried about how Nick will do it.... lol lol lol... Will he be on time, will he ask right questions, will he this and that... I know he can do it, but since this is his FIRST TIME to fly to follow up appointment with Regina I can't help but being worried :)

Angel Carol :):):)

THANK YOU :) Regina and Gabriel ask me to ask " WHAT TIME IS IT NOW" all the

Friday, December 8

Doing good.

Regina is doing awsome. Sorry for not updating for such a long time. :):) It is holiday season and we are just way to busy wrapping and rehearsing and cleaning and attending partys.... As much as I love Christmas, I wish people did not have birthday partys around Christmas. Seems like everybody has

BTW, my sweet Girl Regina is TEACHER OF THE DAY.... She gets to give out orders, follow around teacher all day, enjoy hot chocolate with doughnot and have HUGE pizza lunch with other teachers of the day.. It is sooooo cute..:):):) Very cute. If you ask how she got to be teacher of theday- Well, I purchased 5 raffle ticets - 2dollars each, I wrote her name on it and dropped it into box. I am not sure how many other moms in her class did it, but her name was pulled out of box and There you go- Miss Tan!!!! Good for her.:) At least she get's to be miss boss for a day.... :)

Gabriel is also doing awsme. He enjoys school very much. He does his homework and learns to read . REGINA is awsome reader now. I can't belive how much she has learned within these past few months. She still has hard time decoding some words, but in overall, I am very proud of her. :)

Friday, November 10

Real fun week- not.

This week has been real interesting. no school for kids since wedsnesday. You, they have been home with me because of parent/teacher conferences on wednesday thursday and today is veterans day and of course DAY OFF. I am not liking this not one bit. All absent days in school will make my kids summer vacation really short. School ends on june 20th this year. Yuck. I have plans for summmer you know . I wish last day of school was june 10th.

allrighty guys. Guess what ?? 3 months have passed very fast and on sunday Regina, Gabriel and I will go to memphis again. THis time it is really short. Our flight lands in memphis 12 .15 AM ( yup, middle of the night lol) Our first apointment is on monday 4 pm ( MRI) . And on tuesday we have just patient screening an no off therapy and the we fly back to CA ( tuesday afternoon. ) We will be back 6 pm.

I am not asking much from you guys- just think about us and send some clean scan vibes to Regina :)

Monday, November 6

Genotropin and Regina.

( Regina drew this Picture to my sister Sija today) I have to ship it to her. I am not sure what inspired her, but I love it. It is very interesting piece of art. :)
Regina has been on Genotropin ( growth hormone) over a month now. She really does not mind shots and it is not hurting her. HOWEVER, there are few side effects that are bothering me, and I hope to get answers to my questions when we go to memphis this upcoming sunday ( we will get there at midnight on sunday and get back to OC, on tuesday afternoon).
Anyway , here are the side effects that I think Regina is having.

  • Constant Headaches
  • constant stomach aches
  • feeling "shaky" at times, mostly before bedtime
  • heart beats faster ( she tells me that her heart wants to jump out of her chest)
  • increased birthmark growth.- suddenly seems like birthmarks are increasing in size and popping up one after another
  • SHE IS VERY, VERY moody,
  • VERY hard to handle
  • sudden changes in her mood, ( cryes one moment, and then she is suddenly fine.
  • Little things drive her out of her element- I take her empty cup away, and she will run after me and scream on top of her lungs like I am murdering her..... etc.
  • Increased coughing at night ( one of possible side effects)
So here you go. I am pretty sure that tummy and head pains are caused by meds, also- she might be little depressed, since I am not the "best" mommy at the moment. I expect to much from her and that causes some stress between us.... and Gabriel sees it and uses it to his advantage....

If I got payd to do my job as being mom- I'd be millionaire......

Tuesday, October 31


My front yard.

today we went trick or treating. We just did our street , which is about 50 houses and that is it. My kids are not really candy lovers- they love plain M&Ms, strawberry lollipops and skittles and that is it. But of course this year we did not get any of these candys and they were dissapointed. lol Lots of reeses cups and other nutty treats that they dislike. So I think I am just going to send most of that candy to estonia. ( about 3 lbs). I told my kids that if they are going to leave candy outside Candy fairywill come and leave them 5 dollars. They were more than happy do to so, so tomorrow when I wake up I have to remember that Candy fairy visited us....

Ok. About costumes- Regina was Ariel and gabriel DUCK. lol He is funny. He does not like superheros or "big time kid stars" he just wants to do his own thing. Good for him for being different. :)

Pictures later. I just have way to much in my mind right now ( well, I ate about 15 mini almond Joys- my faves.....) and Now I am trying to figure out how to stop tat candy to crawling straight to my thighs..... pure processed cancerous sugar..... yuck, but I still like it.

(Riley, Regina and Devin)

AND , if you guys have some good advice what kind of TV to buy , I'd be more happy to listen to your advice since my TV downstairs. ( toshiba) made a blasting sound and went black and now all I can see is red flashing light ( I can't turn tv on or off ) . So now I have to spend my eveinings and days in my bedroom watching 10 locas channels that have commercial brakes same time.....duh...

Tuesday, October 17

Regina and Thanks and giving.... CHECK IT OU!!!

Check out My girl Regina on St Jude Thanks and Giving page :) Isn't she sweet ??? How can you not care if you listen to those cute sweet voices. :)

Monday, October 16

Ride for kids

Thank you Kathy for inviting us to such an cool fundraiser event. :) Regina and gabriel had lots of fun, and so did I. Since, I do not want to rezise my pics down to some crappy quality, I give you my shutterfly album, where all the pics I took are stored. I hope you can view them. But yeah, not that I am in blogger beta i can not post my beautifl large filed pics because blogger says so.

Thursday, October 12

Busy day

Regina and her New glasses :)

Regina Doing Math- SOmetimes you just haveto use toes to add and subtract. :)

Wednesday, October 11


Sugar, Beet
Yeast Brewers
Grass Miz
House dust
Super Cat
Mite mix
Ragweed, Plase
Sage, coast-

These are 23 antigens Regina is receivin now . Of course I do not have to inject her 23 times- it is all in one little bottle and I have to inject it 3 times a week firs 3 months andthen twice a week and then once a week and then maybe once a month... ANd most important thing- shot does not hurt- niidle is tiny and with press of a button it is automaticaly injected in. So fast and painless- it costs us 85 dollars per month. So I hope this therapy will help with her energy levels, she will get her taste back and we 'll see what else may happen :)

Tuesday, October 10


Today I took Regina to get her allergies tested. . They tested 27 differet things. Tomorrow we have to go back to get the Reading, but so far- MILK is worst, PALM trees ( no wonder Regina did so well in estonia and China), Soy products, pear, bakers yeast. Pear is her very fave fruit in whole wide world. :(:(:

Anyway, we are going to add one more shot to her Growth hormone. AND this one is painless and faster than GH, I have to give it to her 3 times a week and when she gets these shots, she will be able to eat EVERYTHING and drink EVERYTHING and LIVE happily ever after. :):) I just hate that I have to put her though so many shots, but I really hope that one day she will apreciate what I am doing now and sees it as a good thing. :):):)

I will let you know more about her testings tomorrow. :)


Monday, October 9

We learn something new every day.

AND i learned today how to give Regina growth hormone shots. It is not as bad at it seemed at first. Nurse from Home heatlh systems came over and thought me how to do so. I gave Regina her very first shot and she smiled at me and asked- that was it? because she could not feel a thing. :):):)

OK. I am a different story. I was sweatin like grazy the whole time. I am still sweating. I was so nervous, I thought I am going to pass out. At one point I turned white as a ghost, but I sat through and did my thing. :)

Friday, October 6


Regina and I are really sick right now. Reginas cough started about week ago, but today she is doing really bad. I have a cough and sore throat and mild fever- for me it started 2 days ago, but hit much harder. :( No , you tell me How I am suppose to take care of healthy 5 year old, really sick seven year old and myself, when I have no energy to do anything. We went to see doc and got antibiotics - I am not even sure what our diagnosis is. It is so hard for me to hear her cough. :( Poor her. :(

Thursday, October 5

Short update.

Regina saw her eye doctor today. ( second time during 2 week period). You ask , why Is she so special that gets to see the world greatest eye doctor so often? But because doctor saw someting in reginas eye last time ( about 2 weeks ago), and he wanted to have more detailed check up.

He told me that Regina has scarring in her right retina, but he did not want to scare us last time and give us some "nonsence" information about ( like , it might be tumor etc). IT IS NOT. But scarring is there and it could be because of chemo, or surgery . or could be because of something else. So we have to make apointment with other doctors to get second opinion. ( I guess I am going to call St Jude and ask them to make opometrist apointment. :)

Regina also got classes- She is farsighted ( sp) and needs classes for reading and computer work. She chose most expencive "girls glasses" Barbie ones. lol Luckily insurance covers 125, I had to pay leftover- 80 dollars. SHE better wear these glasses. :)

Saturday, September 23


I love surprising my kids. We knew( my dh and I ) That we will be going to legoland today, but we did not tell Regina or Gabe anything about it. I knew, that If I told them, They will start missbehiving
So, around 10 am I packed my backpack and told them to get ready and then we started 40 mile ride to San Diego. We had so much fun today. We took rides, played with Legos, ate expensive lunch (kids meal in burger joint was 7 dollars lol). Kids played with water, argued with us which ride to take next. To bad that it closed 5 pm. There was 3 more rides we wanted to take, but sadly, we did not have time for that. Maybe next time. J I also wanted to visit gift shop, but since my DH had to go back to china, then we just left 5 pm. And probably saved about 50 dollars. Lol.

Now it is me and kids again and I do not like this not one bit. With Regina’s growth hormone and other little issues, my mind is going crazy. I have a really bad feeling about this. I remember when Regina A L M O S T started chemo and radiation here in CHOC, I had the same feeling. I just knew that CHOC is not right for her and thanks god to some good friends we found St Jude. NOW, I am faced with this decision that can possibly harm her. Of course possibility is small but it is there. My issue is- Do I want her to start growth hormone and “possibly” expose her to bigger possibility to second cancers, or do I want her to be short and “chubby” and she is still in risk but in lower risk of cancers return. (Do not laugh mrs K.B. I know my wording is bit off but this is how I feel). Anyway, her meds are here. In my refrigerator. I emailed one of St Jude docs, but I still have not heard back from her. I hope by Monday to hear from her, if not I have to go ahead and start her treatment. Even Reginas doc, told me that GH seems like a great idea, there is not enough research to support that it will do any good for Regina ( Kathy, you told me same thing, maybe you want to become our dd doc- You know how to take temp, and look into ears, and then just nod and tell me that , YES, she has lots of wax in her ears---;) )))

Then I made appointment to get her allergy tested. She has been sick, but not really sick –sick past few months. SO I am suspecting there might be something in our house that makes her sick ( maybe candles, scents, oils, perfumes etc). I just got questionnaire and filled it out. Way to many questions to answer. But I hope it is worth it.

Friday, September 22


I know how much you all love Chilis Restaurant. :) Well, on monday you have all chance to help raise some money for St jude. Chilis restaurants in nationwide are having a St jude fundraiser, where all the proffits will be given to St jude. So go and have some Monday Night fun ( 25th of sept). Color some chilis and eat awome food. ( Chilis is Reginas ABSOLUTE favorite, and her fave food there is Cheese Pizza ). On 19th , we went and had her Birthday dinner there with our close friends and kids had lot of fun. :)

Monday, September 18

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, Dear Regina ,
Happy Birthday to you.

Reginas Birthday in on September 19th , but we had a party for her yesterday. It was a very cute party. We invited about 18 kids ( Regina Told me who she wanted to invite) and I sent out invitations. Everybody showed up and Oh boy, Reginas Momma was one busy woman trying to keep everything under control. It was pretty easy since kids listened to me pretty well, Only thing they really did not care about was my rule - NO FOOD OUTSIDE OF FAMILY ROOM. lol so after all the kids had left i found unfinished slice of pizza under my living room sofa and chocolate cupcake crumbs all over the place. But at least Regina had lots of fun and that is what matters. :):):) I also had "emailorder" Princess. lol She was very pretty and kids loved her.

Thank you Angel Carol :):):) Regina is one lucky girl to have you in her life ;)

Wednesday, September 13

And the reality finally kicks in...

I received first package with Reginas growth hormone (stuff). Genotropin Pen 5, insturcional dvd, needles, swabs booklets, bags to store. etc.
I am not likeing what I am seeing. Of course meds are not here yet, so i really can not tell you how Regina likes it, but we watched dvd together and she was disturbed. She started crying and had horrible panic attack. And of course I had to have one with her because I had no idea she had it in her. I was scared out of my mind because she was just screaming and could not stop. So after 30 minutes of screams she finally calmed down and told me that she is very upset and that I am bad mom for doing this to her. :(:(:(:( We did more talking today and she promised that she will give it a try. Oh poor her. :( I do not blame her for not being upset over it. Pen itself is very fancy and hip but the action around it sound way to complicated at first. I feel like I WILL NEVER GET IT. lol ( just like I did when I had to learn how to flush her central line and how to change her line dressing). But what choice do I have??? I have to deal with it, and I have to learn to administrate it right. Anwyay, when I get meds and I give her first shot, I tell you for what I really think about it. Until then - i just keep goosebumps all ver my body......

Sunday, September 10

Endless summer...

On saturday we went to Newport Beach-
The Orange County Friends of St. Jude
present the Fourth Annual Event
“Endless Summer”
Saturday, September 9, 2006
Newport Dunes, Newport Beach, California

it was very cute fundraiser (sp). Endless amounts of coctails and food - and more people drank, more generous they got. So I guess It was one awsome project :) We met one St Jude family from Riverside area. Their daughters name is Elizabeth and she is 8 years old. Her diagnosis is Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III, also known as the brittle bone disease. I wish them all the best. :) When her dad and mom were giving a little speech I just teared up. It was very seweet. :)

Gabriel and his new friend were building sand towers and defeating evil all night long. It was nice to seeing gabriel playing "Boy " games for a while.

Thursday, September 7

I am still kind of confused by all this...

Kids have been in school for 3 days now. I had to fill out way to many forms and write quite few checks . Anyway school is from 7.40-2.07 Gabriels school is from 7.40 -11.07 and after that he is on K+ program. SO I filled out lunch forms and submitted them. On tuesday we were told to send money to school with kids for lunch- which I did. So today I asked Regina if she had lunch in school today. She said no because she did not have money with her. I did not send money with her since nobody asked me to do it and I thought they allready started the prepayed lunch thing. She tells lunchlady her number and she gets lunch, but I guess not. Now I feel bad because I only gave her very small snack and when I picked her up she was hungry. Poor, her- stupid me. I have to start asking more questions. And stop assuming. Then other funny thing- I sent lunch money with gabriel because I forgot to fill his lunch application but when I picked him up, he told me that he did not eat his lunch since he did not have money. I GAVE HIM MONEY, I put it in his lunchbox and I told him that money is there. But he forgot .... I just have to figure out how this all works.

I payed for 24 lunches for both of them. SO I do not know what happens when that money is spent, are they going to take money off my credit card for next month and then for next.... so confusing.( at least for me and since it is my first year to do school lunch - ju just have to excuse my stupidity. :)

Gabe and Regina are liking school. Gabriel have been behaving well and listening his new teacher. Good boy. Regina is also doing great, but when I ask about school I get this- Mommy, I really do not want to talk about school, nothing interesting happened.... duh...

Tuesday, September 5


my house is empty. Regina and Gabriel started school today. I woke them up 6.35. fast breakfast, get ready and OUT. I thought I would feel just fine- you know , kids are out of the house, I have time to do things that I like.... BUT I feel sad that the are gone. Gabriel was so sad this morning. He did not want me to leave. He just kept repeating- Mommy stay with me, Mommy, stay with me, mommy, stay with me. But mommy did not stay. Mommy had to leave.

Regina did just fine. They had flag ceremony, went over rules and they were ready for classes. : )::)

I am not sure if I mentioned this to you guys. Last week I got a call from St Jude. I was told that Regina has to start growth hormone therapy since her body is not producing any growth hormones ( or very little). I was told that without growth hormones she will be around 4f 4 in ( around that) and it is way to short. They want her to be at least 5f2in. Nick and I are both tall and our families are tall, so we have to make sure Regina gets to be tall eather.
She will be on daily hormone shots for 10 years. So when she will be 17 years old, she will finally be able to get off the meds. But if it helps her, I just have to do it. It really is not about me. It is about her and her well being. :) So that is all about us.

I have 5 and 1/2 hours before kids get back home. 1 hour of cardio, clean up house, clean closets, do grossery shopping and ...

Wednesday, August 23

Build A Bear..

REGINAS FRIEND HEATHER turned 7 !!! We were invited to celebrate his birthday in Build A Bear. I think it was cute party. :) Regina had fun But Gabriel was really shy and quiet at first and wanted to get out of there , but finally, when it was time to leave the place HE WANTED TO STAY. I swear, I do not understand what is going on with my boy....

After build a bear we all opened presents, had lunch and ate cake at the same mall. Regina got really sad since she had very hard time sharing Heather with others. She does better when she is one in one with Heather, but when there are other kids around she just feels sad because she thinks Heather does not love her enough. :( So I tryed to explain her at home that it was Heathers birthday and all those kids were heathers friends and Heather loves all of her friends equally. :):):):):)
Now guys send some good reovery vibes on your way- Heathers mom is haveing surgery on this coming friday. She really does need to recover fast because she is teacher and she needs to go back to her school week after surgery( Right B???)

Tuesday, August 22

having fun

This picture is taken few months ago. ( Gabriel , Regina , Riley and Devin), I am not sure if I ever posted this, but I LOVE this shot. We went out with our neighbors and friends and kids had a blast playing and just running around. :) Posted by Picasa


So today Regina scared me a little. As I was cleaning up after breakfast this morning I suddenly hear Reginas sad little voice. "Mommy, I am really dizzy right now, I can not sit down, I have to lie down right now. So I stopped what I was doing and hurried to help her. After 30 minutes she told me that she is not feeling dizzy anymore and she is ready to play now. BUT of course the first thought that raced to my mind was-- OH NO.....( You know what comes next). I think that she needed a little sugar rush to take over and so we baked cupcakes after she was feeling better. Now she is back to normal and is playing computer games...

Tomorrow we are going to Reginas friend Bday party in Build A Bear. It will be lots of fun. :):):) She has been asking about this party every day since we got invite. :)

And Soon is Reginas Birthday and I still have no slightest idea what to do. We went to mall and they had on shop for girls and they do "Girly" partys there for kids, BUT minimum cost for Bday is 300 dollars and price per kid is 50 dollars ( so , if we want to invite 12 kids it will be 600 dollars+ cake and treats .... WAY to expencive, she really liked that store but NO way I am going to spend close to 1000 dollars for 1,5 hours.

Second option is Chucki Cheeses- it is 11.95 per person and I could pull it off + it will be fun for boys and Girls same time :) I have couple of more days to think about it and I hopefully make up my mind pretty soon because September 19th is almost here.


Tuesday, August 15

We are doing good. :)

Reginas growth hormone testing went really well. Her blood sugar was healthy low to start with ( 53) and when it reached 23 ( dangerosly low), she did not have any major problems. She did fall asleep and got really sweaty and tired, but after it was over , they gave her some sugary apple juice and crackers, and her sugar went up to100. AND she did not cry when nurse inserted 2 IVs to her( one for emergency ) . I was so proud of her. :)

The whole week in memphis was filled with fun activites. They had Target Carnival and Regina got lots of new toys and "junk" from there. Then we wisited Target house every day because of Camp Wishing Well - we did lots of arts and crafts and ate WAY to many burgers and other BBQ foods. lol. On friday ( last day of Camp Wishing well) target house had back to school night. Every kid got a back back.- Regina chose My little pony bag with wheels, and then they had stations set up downstairs and we got to fill her back pack with all kinds of stuff needed for school- binders, markers, crayons, dictionarys, notebooks, pens, rulers and much more. I think her backpack weighed at last 15 lbs because of all the paper stuff. :) It was really , really fun week. :) And I am just amazed with regina how patiently she dealed with everything.

She also had 6 hour psych testing. 3 hours in tuesday and 3 hours in wednesday. I knew that if I was going to be in the room she will not perform as well as I was out, so I stayed out of the room:) But I was told that she did AWSOME with everyhting. They were really impressed with her math skilles and solving super hard puzzles that even some high school kids can not . So WTG Regina. AND she was happy to do it. She told me that It is just like school only better, because she got a big prize after each testing:)

We allready got our schedule for next time and then we only have 2 days of appointments ( november 12 and 13 I think) MRI and Patient screening. Of course these 2 apointments are scheduled on 2 different days. DUMB.

Now I CAN not wait till school starts. I am so ready to enjoy some ME time. Even though it is only 3,5 hours, I am exited about it.

AND I am going back to college. YES!!! This cemester I only enrolled 2 online classes, but that is better than nothing- psychology and Excel. I think I will change my major to nursing . Well, I am pretty sure about it. I am not exited about how much books cost and that Price per unit is 26 dollars.( 2002 it was 11 dollars per unit) Thanks Arnold.!!!!!


Thursday, August 10

Good luck to us tomorrow./

Regina has hard day tomorrow. 8 am she will be admitted for growth hormone testing and it will be no fun testing.
Lots of poking and it will make her very, very sick. I was told that she may die ( of course they have to warn me and give me worse case cenario) as a result of this test, but it is needed to help her in the future. If test show that she is not growing the way she should, then I have to inject her daily with growth hormoes until she is about 14-16 years old.

So , I am really hoping that tests show that she is doing fine. ::()

Wednesday, August 9

So far so good

Wohoo- clean scans :):):)

Today she had audiology testing ( hearing). Her hearing is pretty much the same. her left ear is full of wax. They are trying to schedule appointment for tomorrow to get wax out. Her hearing loss is getting little worse but not bad enough for hearing aid. :) I just have to let her teachers know that she can not hear very well when there are lots of people talking or lots of background noise.

Her psychological evaluation is going good also. I was told that she is very brigh young lady ;) Her IQ testing was above average. Good for her :)

On friday we have growth hormone testing. And after that we are ready to fly home.

Oh, btw, she did her MRI's without sedation, And everybody is amazed that she can do it. Because there are older kids ( 15-16 year old) who still need sedation for mris. :) And she did not make a sound when nurses had to draw her blood :) Since she has really tiny veins, they had to find nurse who is really good with cases like this. They had to wrap her to warm blanket for 15 minutes to get her warmed up and after that her veins popped up. lol :)

Tuesday, July 25

finally update from us.

We are doing good. We have been home from China for a week now and loving it. Weather is just perfect. OC rules ;)

Regina did awsome during her 30 day stay in China. I have never seen her so healthy for a such a long period of time. No cough, no allergies. She ate chinese food and loved it. ( well of course she only ate foods that looked appealing to her - smart girl.) She had fun playing with her cousins and MOSt fun she had was when Nick took her to her company so kids could play with computer. So , one of the reasons Regina LOVES china is, that Daddys work has computers. lol

i did not do as well as Regina did. I had 2 blood poisonings, ( after mosquitos bite me) , 2 food poisonings- I am still recovering from last food poisoning. Not fun. I loved all the awsome tourist attractions- Great wall, Summer palace, Forbidden city, West lake in Hangzhou, Many different temples, Black dragon Waterfalls, Yangtze river sightseeing spots, Three Gorges Dam, SHANGHAI- My favorite city in whole world, and many more interesting places. Nick hates china , he hates chinese food, and weather and tourist spots. lol Great.....

Now- Our St jude trip is coming up soon. We will be there from 6th-12th. All our days are full of apointments and screenings.-2 mri's, spinal tap, psych. testing, audiologi, endorcine clinic- growht hormone testing , speech, function studies, couple of labs, echo/EKG.

Hopefully everything will go smoothly and we get nothing but good news :):):)

Saturday, June 17


I will try to email few emails to my friend while we are in china and she will update for me. :)
I created other blog for our china trip.

See you there :)

Friday, June 16

I just have to post this. :)

I took this pic last time we were in Memphis. Regian and Keilen ( sp? sorry Felicia, I have no Idea how to spell your DD name. ) met up in 2004, when we were in Ronald Mc Donald house. Keilen is ALL patient and doing awsome. I am not sure when her treatments will end, but she is doing good and is cancer free now. :) Anyway, I was not expecting to see them there, but while standing on line and trying to sigh in, I heard someone calling our name. :) Keilen is sweetest girl ever. She has lots of energy and really funny sence of humor. lol She craked us up all the time. :) Behind Regina is. K sister Kennedy. :):):) I do miss chit chatting with Keilens mom Felicity. There is never dull moment when she is around ;) Posted by Picasa