Thursday, October 5

Short update.

Regina saw her eye doctor today. ( second time during 2 week period). You ask , why Is she so special that gets to see the world greatest eye doctor so often? But because doctor saw someting in reginas eye last time ( about 2 weeks ago), and he wanted to have more detailed check up.

He told me that Regina has scarring in her right retina, but he did not want to scare us last time and give us some "nonsence" information about ( like , it might be tumor etc). IT IS NOT. But scarring is there and it could be because of chemo, or surgery . or could be because of something else. So we have to make apointment with other doctors to get second opinion. ( I guess I am going to call St Jude and ask them to make opometrist apointment. :)

Regina also got classes- She is farsighted ( sp) and needs classes for reading and computer work. She chose most expencive "girls glasses" Barbie ones. lol Luckily insurance covers 125, I had to pay leftover- 80 dollars. SHE better wear these glasses. :)


Kathy said...

The opthalmologist at St. Jude has this really cool camera where the kids don't have to get their eyes dilated, they just position their head and take a photo that looks all the way down in the eye and you can see the optic nerve, etc.

They do a really good eye exam there, we like it and we get one at least every 6 months.

I hadn't heard of scarring in the retina, but if it's due to radiation, St. Jude should know something about it.

So we're waiting for a picture of Regina in those glasses :-)

Sleeping Beauty said...

:) Last time we had eye exam in St Jude was about year ago. I guess they just forgot about us. :)
About glasses- She looks very smart when she wears glasses. GABRIEL threw a horrible fit when Doctor told him that HE does not need glasses. HE TOLD DOCTOR THAT he is wrong, BECAUSE HE NEEDS GLASSES, BECAUSE HE CAN NOT SEE. then he closed his eyes and told him- YOU SEE, IT is all dark in here.

Kathy said...

I wanted glasses too when I was 9. What I did was when they said close one eye, I kind of crossed my eyes, but it wasn't too obvious since only one eye was showing and school nurse went for it.

The glasses I got were pale pink with silver sparkles, cat eye type glasses, and I thought they were beautiful.

Now I've got contacts and reading glasses and I wish I didn't need anything.

Oh well.