Saturday, May 26

My Beautiful Regina.:)
Reminder- May 28th, 2004, My beautiful Regina underwent Brain Surgery. June 4th, 2004, We were told her Brain tumor was Malignant .(PNET)
It is May 26th, 2007. Regina is Happy and Healthy 7 1/2 year old.
Thank You St Jude
Thank you Friends.
Thank you all who have been there for us when we needed you.

Sunday, May 20

Our Sunday started 8 am, I made breakfast, exercised, made kids clean up their rooms, and then around 12 we started driving to San Diego. J Drive was smooth, traffic was excellent.. We arrived at Paradise Point Spa Resort around 1.30. 30 min. before we supposed to show up there.

When We arrived , I was in awe. UNBELIVABLE. ROAD ended where Resort ended. AMAZING. That place was also voted one of the best family vacation destinations J Very peaceful willage.

Then we started look for Gymboree corporate event spot, because our St Jude coordinator was supposed to meet us in Paradise Ball room. J And give us update how things are going, and when is our turn to talk. ( share Regians Story).

I HAD NO IDEA. but we had to talk to 300 Gymboree bosses. AND for my surprise I was not nervous. I WAS, before I stepped to stage, but when I was in stage, and opened my mouth, Everythig just fell into place and I spoke my mind. I also saw quite few people tearing up.

Then around 6 pm we left BEAUTIFUL paradise point resort and started driving home I Left the event with really happy heart because I knew Reginas story will hels Raise more funds for St Jude :) Thanks you St Jude for giving this opportunity to give something back. :)

Kathy... I thought about visiting you, but it was 6PM when we finally got to leave, and kids have school tomorrow...

Friday, May 18

Few proud moments :0)

FINALLY- my handsome boy learned to bike . TRAINING WHEELS ARE OFF and my Gabriel has crashed into every single front yard in our neighborhood. Soon neighbors will be knocking on my door and asking me to fix their landscapes :D lol He is such a dare devil. And makes me smile. His legs have "black"spots all over from falling, but he is so determined and does not mind getting hurt. I swear, he is something else. BUT, he will cry, when I refuse to give him ice cream or take away his fave toy because he missbehaved... hah

Today in our local YMCA was family fit night. REGINA decided to do something she never tried before - She did some rock wall climbing... WOHOOOO!!!!! We also learned few new dance moves from our Favorite Y director Brian.. he is quite a dancer. :)

ALSO. I would like to take to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you whose birthday is in MAY. PALJU ONNE SYNNIPAEVAKS KOIKIDELE MAI SYNNIPAEVA LASTELE :)

Sunday, May 6

Ride for Kids

Today, May 6th,Regina, Nick, Gabriel and I headed to Torrance area where we attended Ride For kids event.

It was amazing experience. Last year, Kathy Invited us to San Diego Area Ride for Kids event.. And she got me hooked. It is unbelievable event, and funds raised go towards Pediatric brain tumor research , and also brain tumor patients who reach college age, will be benefiting from money raised. J

Tide was BEAUTIFUL. Views amazing, weather HOT. And bikers were ON THE ROLL!!! It was huge event and money raised – over 200 000 dollars. WOW. WOW WOW..

Regina had lots of fun, but as happened during San diego ride, it also happened now- SHE and GABRIEL FELL asleep, and missed all the beauty surrounding them…. J
I also post coupe of pics for you J

And here is pediatri