Sunday, May 20

Our Sunday started 8 am, I made breakfast, exercised, made kids clean up their rooms, and then around 12 we started driving to San Diego. J Drive was smooth, traffic was excellent.. We arrived at Paradise Point Spa Resort around 1.30. 30 min. before we supposed to show up there.

When We arrived , I was in awe. UNBELIVABLE. ROAD ended where Resort ended. AMAZING. That place was also voted one of the best family vacation destinations J Very peaceful willage.

Then we started look for Gymboree corporate event spot, because our St Jude coordinator was supposed to meet us in Paradise Ball room. J And give us update how things are going, and when is our turn to talk. ( share Regians Story).

I HAD NO IDEA. but we had to talk to 300 Gymboree bosses. AND for my surprise I was not nervous. I WAS, before I stepped to stage, but when I was in stage, and opened my mouth, Everythig just fell into place and I spoke my mind. I also saw quite few people tearing up.

Then around 6 pm we left BEAUTIFUL paradise point resort and started driving home I Left the event with really happy heart because I knew Reginas story will hels Raise more funds for St Jude :) Thanks you St Jude for giving this opportunity to give something back. :)

Kathy... I thought about visiting you, but it was 6PM when we finally got to leave, and kids have school tomorrow...

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