Saturday, December 31


7 More minutes before 2012 kicks in...

DOn't waste your life pickering over  small thing, see the big picture :) You all deserve it ...

kisses and hugs... or... XOXOXOXOXO


The Tans..

Friday, December 23

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays :)

Wishing you all the best holiday season ever :)  We are  not doing anything special. It is 24th of December here in CHina already,and at this moment Nick is at work :) Yup:) Saturday , and he is working hard.

Gabriel is lying on the floor, on a red lambskin and is playing his DS:)
You can guess twice what I am doing.. Haha. Right you got it. RIght now I am typing this blog  but same time I am  checking my meal.

We had talked that most likely we will eat dinner somewhere  in Restaurant, but  since Nick is working , I decided, what the heck. I am just  going to make something for us :) So Tonights dinner will be Roasted Pork hock,  pan roasted potatoes with lots of garlic, simple salad with  mandarine vinaigrette ,  Pan fried salmon with white wine reduction and sauerkraut.

I also scored glogg( mulled wine) from Ikea and after dinner we will be watching Home Alone2 and opening our gifts :) I know it will be great evening :)

 I dreamed of Regina couple of nights ago, she was just smiling at me and that was it :)
Merry Christmas Angel Regina :) We miss you . Rest in Peace :)

Tuesday, December 20

Happy Holidays:)

My Beautiful kids singing Karaoke few years ago:) Right now I look at this video and smile that I had these moments with them. I miss Regina and her spunky personality :) I know That she would be most amazing 12 year old most amazing purse collection and her own recipe book full of pictures of her favorite foods :)

Gabriel is amazing 10 year old. He is into so much right now. he enjoys tennis, plays piano and drums. He want's to learn guitar next, since ukulele is way to easy for him .
He is also getting into singing and when he plays familiar tune on piano , he sings out loud when he thinks no one is listening to him :)

I love my kids. :)

I hope you all are having great holiday season. I am not so much into Christmas this years. I haven't written a single card this year. I haven't really shopped gifts, since everything is overpriced here and it makes no sense to buy 70 dollar lego, that is 35 dollars in USA. Gabriel did write to santa and he said he wants to have WARM blanket and warm pillow, since it is very cold in hangzhou ( he is right). Our apartment does not have central heating, and it gets cold in here when tiny heating boxes are not turned on... Today I walked into master bedroom and temp in there was 9C. I usually turn heat of in the room I am not in, so ... yeah.. It is cold in here.

It is interesting to see how his wishes have changed. I am sure if we were in US , he would have asked for latest game, or gadget... :)

Talk to you soon :) ANd enjoy this video :)