Thursday, May 27

Brokers viewing today...

I TOOK OFF, because I did not want to stay home and see all those " people" looking at our house and going.. HMH... Interesting-- INTERESTING MEAND- NOT GOOD!!!!!  lol.. but Liz is great. I love our Realtors.
Notes -- Liz had created this feedback sheet, so brokers/ agents/ realtors can fill them out and LET ME KNOW WHAT KIND OF CHANGES THEY WANT TO SEE ...  anyway.. they will not see many changes, because my house is perfect the way it is :D

"Fresh paint- looks great"

Re hang some decorations and make it look more liced in on .. STAGE.

Beautiful Open Plan, Great View



Update furniture and appliances....
Price to high.

Awesome view/love master suite retreat, great floor plan/ kitchen great for entertaining


Nice and CLEAN...
Stage .

RED AND green walls to be toned down... ( NEVER)...

Very clean, beautiful view.

Paint the bedrooms neutral, especially the downstairs " green ROom... Other than that PERFECT :D

Spacious floor plan
Beautiful home, shows great

No suggestions - looks great.
Home decor is outdated. Makes tougher to sell...


Sadly, downstairs bedroom does not have bath attached..

I can't believe HOW DIFFERENT opinions we got-- for some it is great, to others- THEY DON"T understand why EUROPEANS don't have european styling... Sadly, I don't like STUFFY furniture... I like  clean clutter free spaces... ....

Thursday, May 20

AND our house is on Market. COntact our realtors Liz and Ty if you are interested  purchasing it ;)  We would really love to get a  good people living in here who would love this house as much as we do .

I hope we sell fast and when inspector does rounds, finds nothing major going on with our house. :D:D:D:D:D

Wednesday, May 5


SO little time so much to do. I don't understand... Feels like REginas funeral was couple of days ago , but  it is MAY!!! It will be 8 months since my baby passed away.. ANd on 8th May I will be 32..  I still can't belive that I was 25 when Regina was diagnosed with Cancer. WOW, I had to grow up overnight, and get my priorities straight and learn everything about  braintumors, medications, doctors. I want to thank you all the help and support I received over the years. ..:D

Anyway-- as you all know we are getting ready to move away from US for a while. For max 2 years... My house is painted.   It is 90% beige with hint of honey in it.  Looks very grand, and sophisticated. I was not sure If I like it, but I do. :D  We are still making minor fixes here and there to make it as welcoming to NEW people as possible. I have to let go WHAT I like, and think about what other people may like.    It is very hard thing to do... When painters painted our house , the guy told me--- YOur house looks like "daycare"--( korean I told him, good,   That was my intention. I am mom, living in a colorful house with 2 kids and husband. ANd my kids liked it :D That is what mattered... He had nothing to say...

I am Having my last birthday party in our house on  may 15th 6-10 pm. Come on over for drinks, laughs, tears.. whatever you want :D  I welcome you :D

Nick has been home now for 3 weeks. On weekends we tried to do something fun.  this past weekend we went to Grand Canyon- We drove to Williams, AZ. Spend a night there, Took Grand Canyon Railway train to Grand canyon and spent a night there.  First time we went to Grand canyon  almost 12 years ago-- after we got married in Las Vegas:) This time, I Enjoyed it more. I was in awe by GC.  But  to be honest,  I don't understand people who move there...  Besides beautiful views, crazy wildlife( ELKS and Squirrels) there is nothing much to do. :(  Visit that place once in a while is great thought:) I loved it :D

On our way back Our tire broke.  Just when I pulled over to park and tank in gas station, we heard SSSSSSSSS.. Well, my husband heard.. Now.. Ludlow is tiny city with only 23 people. Closest BIGGER sity was 50 miles away.  We asked locals if they have tire shop. THEY did, but sadly, metal that pierced our tire was way to big, and it was impossible to fix our tire. SO we called AAA (road side assistance). We were told that we have to wait about 2 hours before AAA comes to us.. SO we went to DQ ( dairy Queen), only eating place there.. Had burgers, waited, I facebooked. We took lot of pictures, Gabriel found shrub full of ladybygs, and he was so excited to hold them and look at them...
Nick got tired, so he thought that He is going to change a tire himself..  Well, NICK has never changed a tire before.  SO, He took our car manual,  and with Gabriels help they located spare tire and jack..  IT took them a while to figure out how to do it, since we do have custom tires and  they need some extra attention ;)... FInally, when they removed broken tire. AAA guy showed up. 
Sadly our spare was broken ..  crap.. But he helped us to fix it, and  after 45 minutes with our car, we were ready to start our 170 mile trip back to Laguna Niguel.. NOW,  Since we had spare tire on, we could only drive 50 miles an hour.. BUT SPEED LIMIT WAS 70 miles an hour.. :( IT took us littlebit over 3 hours to get home :(  and when we got home and I entered our house.. My mouth did drop to the floor... MY HOUSE LOOKED LIKE MY NEIGHBORS HOUSE... WHERE THE FUCK IS COLOR?? hehe

Right now we are trying to figure out what to do with Reginas ashes. Should we take them to Asia, or should we  bury them . We are also trying to find  new owners to our  things. :D  we  have 2  twin size beds and mattresses, we have queen size bed, we have Wooden dining room table,  couple of coffee table... and other small things. We want to get rid of as many things as possible. If yo u know anyone close by in OC  who needs anything let us know :D