Sunday, April 30

Ugh. Update...

Nick took Regina to see doc again because last night was just horrible. She was caughing all night long without getting any sleep. :( Well, now she has full blown sinus infection. We got her antibiotics changed and she has to take them for 2 weeks. I just knew that I was right about her condition. I know her really well, I know what meds work and what dont, and it drives me grazy when doctors tell me that THEY know better. ( sometimes they do, but.... )

She took her first dose 2 hours ago and she allready feels better. :) The other meds made her really sleepy, cranky, tired emotional.

Today we went to Long Beach Aquarium.
Regina is not feeling well. Her strep throat is fine, but you should hear her cough. Constant cough and rash on her face is still there. It is not going anywhere. I omited milk from her diet, so it could not be because of dairy products. Gabriel is also getting sick. Same thing. They both are coughing.
My dh is home and kids are sick. I have 3 kids and no help.

Last year on april 30th both of my kids were sick as well.

Thursday, April 27

Poor Regina.

She is not feelin very good today. She is doing ok, but she is not herself. :( To make things worse, today started with cough and rash covering her body. I called her doc, but her doctor was out of office today ,so I took her to my doctor. I thought that she may have allergies to penicillin,but doc sayd that penicillin allergry does not look like this, she thinks that her strep throat invited friend over so now they are having a party. She has no idea at this point what kind of rash it is. :( Bummer. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
Today her and I stayed home- well, almost home. I took her to mall and strolled around there for few hours. She was happy about it. She had very little to eat for lunch since her throat hurts. She told me that she is still hungry, but she can not eat because it hurts a lot .:( She even did not drink her favorite Jamba juice Mango-A-Go-go. She ALWAYS has it with her lunch in mall. :(
Maybe tomorrow is better day.:)

Wednesday, April 26

:(- update...

Regina has strep throat. Doctor is not sure why Reginas back hurts. And rash on her face is ezcema. SHe has not had eczema outbrake for 3 years and now it is back. Could be that she has developed some new food allergies and we have to look out what she is eating now and what makes her eczema worse. :( Poor her. I hope that her milk allergies are not back. :( Now let just hope that antibiotics take care of her ST. :)

Couple of days ago regina got a fewer blister on her lip. I just knew then that In couple of days she will get sick. I was right about it. Last night she was caughing a lot and this morning she woke up crying. When I asked what is wrong , she told me that her back hurts a lot. When I tryed to touch her back , she told me that it hurts to much and I should stop touching it.:(:( . She also has swollen face and she has hard time swollowing food or drink. :( Poor her, I can see that she feels very uncomfortable. :(

Thursday, April 20


Nothing much is going on around here. Kids are doing pretty good. Regina is getting smarter day by day and Gabriel just tests my nerves every single day. lol One thing that I do not like about Regina is how she throws her Temper tantrums. Those are the worst. She can scream and cry hours without any reason( or for little reason). For instance. Gabriel runs downstairs first and screams I AM FIRST. Regina starts screming, jumping up and down , runs to her room, goes under covers and SCREAMS. I HATE YOU GABRIEL. And this happened more than once or twice. SHe can scream , and tantrums she throws are the worst. It is like One moment she is all happy and playing and then suddenly her mood changes and she is all whiny, screaming and yelling :(:(:(:(

And now about something more exiting. :) We all got our Chinese Visas!!! Wohooo to us!! lol. I am not going to mention dates right now but we will spend about 3,1/2 weeks discovering China. :):):) Good for us :) Kids are somewhat exited. Gabriel wants to go, but Regina is against it. She tells us over and over again that CHina is boring, and she has never ever been in china. She wants to go to Estonia and eat Dragon candy ( kind of like saltwater taffy - strawberry flawor, but only better ;) )

Then my moms Birhthday is coming up . April 22nd. She was born on 1954 so do the math. She also mentioned that she has thyroid surgery coming up ( finally). Righ now she is really, really sick. There are days that she can not walk, she can hardly lift a spoon or fork, she can not feel her legs and is very , very cold. ANd doctors still do not have any straight anwers to her. or maybe they do, but I never get to know the whole truth.

So that is what is going on with us. :)

Sunday, April 16

Happy Easter.

On saturday our friends invited us to Bunny Blast. Crafts, pony rides, rain , cold same old, same od ;). Pony ride was fun . Public places , me alone and 2 kids just do not splend well. One kids wants one thing other kids something else. 99 % at a time one ends up crying. Regina also complained music was hurting her ears and was upset that her friends told her that they do not like to play with Barbies anymore. :( . Then we had nice lunch and chit chatted for couple of hours and after that we went home. :0)

Today , after kids ate their breakfast and while brushed their teeth , Easter chicken came and layed eggs all over the house After they got all the eggs they had so much fun opening it up. All the candy went to trash because they really do not care much for candy or chocolate. 2 bites and they are done. They were exited for money, tiny toys, ( nailpolishes, airplanes, stickers etc) . I wish I could throw candy away like that. You should have seen them to run to trash and just WOOOOOSSSHHH all the candy there.

Then we went to see The Wild. Both kids loved it. I think it was because of all the stupid kid humor. I even laughed out loud, which does not happen often in kids movies. :)
Tomorrow - KIDS BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!

Saturday, April 15

Milk talk

( Gabriel and I)
Mommy, please take me to farm. Because I need to feed some cows and squeeze some milk out .
- Why do you want to do that???
- Because cows really , really want me to squeeze their milk out.
- How does milk get into cows??
- Cows get milk by drinking other cows milk and then they pee milk out from those white things, I think cows have 4 wewes (lol)
- Are you sure Gabriel that that is how cows get milk??
- I think so, but sometimes people have to squeeze milk out because it gets stuck in there.
-Who told you that?
- I don't remember. MOMMY, please , we have to go and get some milk from cows or Ralphs( grocery store) will go there first and squeeze all milk out, and then we can never squeeze it out.

I am not sure what got into Gabriel today . HE even wanted to have cow as a pet because they have cute noses. He also sneaked in one snail and worm.

Thursday, April 13

I got creative today. lol . Happy Easter :)

Wednesday, April 12

Overdressed??? You think??? lol Today was really nice CA like weather. Our friends invited us to join them at the park. Of course Regina thought that it will be super cold in the park and that is why she MUST wear that jacket. Of course it was nice and warm and sunny and she had to take her jacket off( after while).

Tuesday, April 11

What a day

OH. Today I took REgina and Gabriel to Santa Ana zoo. It is abot 20 miles from us. It is a tiny zoo but since weather was nice I thought zoo would be good idea:) It was :) After zoo we wanted to crab some lunch and Kids suggested IKEA wohoooo. So off to Ikea we started driving On our way to Ikea something super scary happened. I am pretty sure that all 3 of us could have been injured pretty seriosly. But we are all fine but little shaken . I was driving about 45-50 miles an hour. Car in front of me braked suddenly. But since I had enough time to react I braked also. BUT car behind us that was pretty far from us and was probably driving 70- 80 miles an hour did not notice that we braked and hit his brakes about too late. All I heard was that brake whistle and then he missed our car by one inch. HE made really sharp right turn, I saw his cars wheels raising from ground, then he drowe few feet just on his 2 right side wheels, swiwered like in some grazy action movie , almost hitting highway wall on his right , then he made little left turn and his car was back on highway . It was scary to all of us Gabriel was yelling, mommy, mommy that car almost hit us, regina had no idea what to think and all 3 of us drowe about 5 miles in complete silence.
Thanks god that driver on that car acted so fast. I do not want to think what would have happened if he had hit us . Very scary.

Sunday, April 9


We had ok weekend. On friday night Nick, kids and I went to Elephant bar to have our dinner. It was friday night and 7pm. We still had to wait around 40 minutes for our turn to be seated. Kids just love elephant bar. To bad they closed one very close to us so now we have to drive to Irvine ( about 25 minutes from us)

On Saturday evening around 5 pm we were invited to have dinner with our Sweedish friends. They could not attend Nicks birthday party so they decided they host a party for him. ( just us and them). Dinner was awsome -Beef bourguignon( french) ,it was sooo good. I am not meet lover, but E. just makes the best french dishes . :) Even kids ate it- My kids, who are pickiest eaters( well, Regina is, Gabriel is really good eater)

Then today I took kids to have burger king to have lunch. For our surprise we met some kids there Regina used to go to kindergarten together( J&J). Regina and Gabriel had fun playing with them. After burger king we went to Borders to read books and see whats new. I got one really fun book for them - Whats the Big secret- ( it explanes differences between girls and boys and other pretty important things. Both of them have been watching it and giggling. lol

Now they are sleeping and I am wide awake because I made one huge mistake. I bought Coca cola Black( new dring) . OMG. That drink is powerful. I did not even think about caffeine content in it but it has way to much. So for now I have had 55 minutes of cardio, cleaned, dusted, vaccumed kids rooms and all the bathrooms, did laundry and I still have some excess energy. lol

Tomorrow, well, whole next week Regina and I will be staying home. Reginas school has spring brake. I have no Idea what to do with her. I guess I just let her watch tv all day and make sure she is really bored with me. If you guys have any good ideas how to keep 6 and half year entertained all day long let me know. Because I am running out of ideas...

Thursday, April 6


No news is better than good news - And todays top news are - CLEAN SCANS!!!!!!!!
yeah, she did her MRI without sedation and now she will be taken off from sedation list. :):):) She still had to have IV line , since MRI was with contrast. She did cry a little but was fine after she was introduced to Toy Cabinet. :)
Now we are hanging out here in St Jude Library and do nothing( but eating and being lazy) until we fly home tomorrow 7.40 am. ( Shuttle will take us to Memphis Airport 6 am. ) Yuck I hate waking up early.

Last nights flight was truly one of the worst flights I have been on. From OC to Phenix it was shaking and shaking and more shaking . Regina was asking were those white bags are because she thinks she wants to throw up. ( so did I ). Then from Phenix to Memphis flight was pretty good. First 20 minutes I was holding onto seat because I thought We are going down. We were flying inside the clouds and those clouds were mean. Seriosly. very, very mean clouds..... But we made it and that whats matters. :) Next time we will be here around 24th of July.:)


Tuesday, April 4

Rain and flying...

I just hope that tomorrow will be better day. We will fly to Memphis from LAX airport this time. Our flight is around 3.50 PM. We will be in memphis 11.10 PM. We have to take taxy from airport to hospital. On Thursday we have extra busy day( from 7 am till 4 pm). And we will get back to OC on Friday around noon. Whew. At least it is only one grazy day and I do not have to much think about wasting my time doing nothing. :)

** We need some clean scan vibes**

Sunday, April 2


Regina did something really cute the other night. Night before yesterday( on friday night) , I was getting ready for Nicks Bparty. I re-arranged tables, got out some chairs cleaned, etc. Suddenly Regina had an idea. She took some napkins, paperplates, forks knifes and set the table. And she told me. Mommy, I really want us to have nice dinner together today. Please call daddy and ask him to come home sooner so we can eat these yummy strawberries .
That was the sweetest thing I have heard from her for a while. :) Posted by Picasa