Saturday, June 17


I will try to email few emails to my friend while we are in china and she will update for me. :)
I created other blog for our china trip.

See you there :)

Friday, June 16

I just have to post this. :)

I took this pic last time we were in Memphis. Regian and Keilen ( sp? sorry Felicia, I have no Idea how to spell your DD name. ) met up in 2004, when we were in Ronald Mc Donald house. Keilen is ALL patient and doing awsome. I am not sure when her treatments will end, but she is doing good and is cancer free now. :) Anyway, I was not expecting to see them there, but while standing on line and trying to sigh in, I heard someone calling our name. :) Keilen is sweetest girl ever. She has lots of energy and really funny sence of humor. lol She craked us up all the time. :) Behind Regina is. K sister Kennedy. :):):) I do miss chit chatting with Keilens mom Felicity. There is never dull moment when she is around ;) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 14


Our Trip to china starts in few days. Our suitcases are packed , I cleaned up my refrigirator and I have never seen it so empty. lol

But, last night Regina started coughing. So instead of me taking her to see her doctor I took her to Health store that EVERYBODY here recommend. So I went there had a talk with person who works there ( he knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, and I was surprised how much he knew about childhood cancer and types etc.) I left store with 2 probiotics. SAMBUCOL, black eldeberry for kids and Primadophilus powder for kids. He told me that Regina has to take at least 3 bottles( Once a day, for 36 days) of Sambucol before her immune system starts building up and she starts fighting off infections better.
I heard a lot of good things about probiotics, but I never did anything about it. But Regina is constantly sick and I am sick of antibiotics and I just want her to feel better . She has been coughing on and off since january and doctros have found no problems with her.... I hope it works. I know one boy in Reginas class is taking them and his mom said that he has not been sick for 2 years. Keep your fingers crossed. :):):)


Sunday, June 11

And I am glad that today is over. :)

Gabriel had his friends over today to celebrate his 5th Birthday. :) Gabreil was born on June 22nd Littlebit after midnight. On june 21st, 2001 I went to walm mart to buy some last minute things. Before I went to walmart I had my ob/gyn appointment. She told me that I was ready to give birth. So as I was walking around in Wal mart I started having contractions. But since I had Braxton hicks contractions all through the pregnancy I really did not pay much attention to my pain. I got my stuff and drowe home. Hour later contractions got bigger and more uncomfortable. But no real pain, just lot and lot of pressure. So I told nick that Ok, lets go outside and take a walk, because I was just feeling kind of weird and wanted to walk it out. After 15 minutes of walking REAL painful contracton hit me and then I knew for sure that I was in labor. :lol. I ran inside, called my doctor, they got hospital room ready and OFF we went to Mission Viejo hospital. I I started having REALLY REALLY bad contractions on our way to the hospital. Every 5 minutes or so. Hospital is 2,9 mile from us and ride there was fast but since there is about 20 traffic lights and I was having contractions, it seemed like we took 100 mile ride.

We got there around 9.45. Nurse there told me that I am probably not even dialated and they will most likely send me back home. BUT after they checked me and I WAS dialated 6 cm , everybody got really busy, really suddenly. THEY called my doctor and asked her to HURRY over. :lol.. I made one really bad mistake. I asked for epidural, BUT it did not kick in. Getting epidural was THE MOST painful experience ever. They could not get the needle in and when they did they got it wrong. and they had to redue it again. AND during that time I was having REALLY big contractions and my water finally broke. I managed to fall asleep and next thing I knew is that I felt horrible pressure and pain and I called nurse and -- gues what... Gabriel was in a hurry to get out. :lol I HAVE never ever seen nurses and doctors run so fast to get everything ready.

Gabriel was born 12.07 AM. 7lb,6oz. 19,5 inches. :) Perfect boy. :):):)
( arts and crafts table- I bought Floam, paint, wooden shapes ( cars, trucks, flowers). Kids had lots of fun doing it. It was messy,but kids love messy stufffff)

Today we had a party for him and he had lots of fun. :) I had bounce house for him, I baked him a cake and made snacks for moms and one dad. I did take few pictures, but I had a bad picture day today. None of my pics turned out really good. I usually get few really good prints, but today was one of those - What the heck was I thinking by taking that pic- kind of day. :)

Gabriel thanks all of his friends for giving him the best presents ever..

MS carol. :) You are awsome:) You should have seen Gabriels face when I YELLED- GABRIEL, YOU GOT MAIL. He dropped his video game, ran downstairs and ripped open his envelope- MOM , HOW DID SHE KNOW THAT I WANTED IT cars sticker book)??? ;lo He is funny. :)

Tomorrow I will take my kids to see Cars Movie. I have red them lots of cars books , He got few CARS presents and now it is time to see the MOVIE :):):)

Friday, June 9

My Gabriel...

He is not feeling well today. It was his last day in Tutor Time and when I picked him up his teacher told me that Gabriel has been feeling down and not eating and wanting to sleep. So I gathered all his things, and was about to take him home, when he started throwing up. Poor him. He got a low fever also. I took him to his doctor and I was told that there is virus going around. He should feel better soon. On sunday we will have little party for Gabriel.. I hope he feels better then.:)

Monday, June 5

Hei... Remember me???

Nothing much has been going on around here. I take kids to school every morning and pick them up when school is over. Same old, same old. This week Is Gabriels last week in Tutor time. I feel little sad. :( It has been his second home for since he was 1,5 years old. And now it is time to say goood bye to tutor time and WELCOME to extra 800 dollars in my bank acount. lol ( thats how much I payed monthly for him). Tutor time has gone HIGH TECH... They set up fingerprint sensors , so prettu soon you can only enter tutor time if your fingrprint opens the DOOOOOOR... ;) That's hot...

Today I took kids to My Gym kind of place. It is very close to our home walking distance. You should have seen the smiles both Regina and Gabriel had on theyr faces when they walked into that simple kid gym. GABRIEL was smiles ALL the time. He wanted to do everything first, He raised his hand all the time . I teared up . He was sooo cute. :) Regina also loved it, but she was more careful about trying things, but she did try everything and did awsome :) SO I signed them up and take them there whenever I get a chance or when classes are available :)

Gabriels Bday is aproaching and I got him couple of awsome presents. :) HE really wanted to have car/truck bedding, so I got him This
AND I got him Nintendo Game Cube... He deserves it ::))) He is great kid :):)):)