Tuesday, May 30


You know what- I was about to kick my dermatologist today ... I guess he was not having very good day, but is it my problem??? Anyway, my skin is getting worse. I get really bad brake outs everywhere and nothing seems to be working. So , I asked him what next, Can he run some tests or look deeper into it before prescribing me new meds.. But oh no, he wants me on steroids... He told me that every time I get one of those bad brake out days , I should take steroids for 4 days and then stop. Side effects- weight gain, moodiness, and water retention( spelling?) .
First image that comes to my head with word STEROIDS are kids I met in st Jude who were on Steroids( swollen red faces, rash...etc). I have this mental image in my head that after I take one of those pills , my face/head swells up like an balloon and then explodes...
I am just so tired of dealing with bad body acne and worse of all, most of people do not belive me that it can be frustrating. If you never had acne problems , then you do not know ....
I can not wear short sleave shirts when I have brake outs because my arms/ neck/ body looks horrible. I can not suntan because if I do ,I get brake outs, I can drink wine, but I get white fluid filled clusters all over my body... I am just so tired of all this. I do not want to spend a penny for some prescripiton meds that do not work... What is my organism lacking? Or what am I having to much? ALl my blood tests came back within normal limits. I take my vitamins, eat salads, fruits, chicken fish???
I am 28, and all I am dealing with is something I should not be dealing at this age...
Sorry, another self pity blog..... I want to go to movies and see Nacho Libre ....

Now I tell you about my latest Netflixers..

Memoirs of a Geisha ---- I loved it. I loved the ending. I usually do not like romantic movies but this one was just something I needed to see... Beautiful.

Shopgirl- it was interesting. Again , one of those NOT MY TYPE kind of movies, but I liked it.

Must love dogs- I hated it. Waste of time.

The Aviator - Not my style at all.

And that is it for today. I am trying to loose some weight before my China trip, but it is not happening. My dear neighbors always have something going on .. and you know my relationship with food....

Saturday, May 27

May 28th, 2004

May 28th, 2004 - Brain surgery
June 4th 2004- Diagnosis PNET
December 23. 2004 END OF TREATMENT

AND NOW, 2 years later, after her first upcloseandpersonal experience with pediatric cancer REGINA IS HAPPY AND HEALTHY AND CANCER FREEEEEEEEE!!!!! Do I need to say more.. Go St JUDE!!!!!!


Thursday, May 25

My sweet Gabriel. lol Last night I went to check on kids( around 11 pm) and this is how I found Gabriel. lol I just had to take picture of him. Covered with pillow. He has 4-5 blankets he can choose from every night, but he chose pillow instead.lol He is very silly, ( notice his Barbie Anika( I think from princess and pauper.)

Sunday, May 21

Fun saturday...

Saturday was one very very busy day. Well, May has been very busy birthday month. Seems like EVERYBODY has birthday in may. lol Our morning started 9 am. We went to our community park because our neighbors invited us over for a playdate. We stayed there until 12 .

Then 3 pm we went to Princess Birthday party. It was such a cute party. Princess did awsome job singing songs, dancing, telling a story and drinking "tea" with kids. Very well organized party. Regina had fun but Gabriel kept a distance from girls.... lol
We had to leave early because I did not want to make my 8 months pregnant friend mad. Her daughter turned 2 and they had Barney Birthday.lol Yes, around here parents compete who has best birthday, best characters, best goodies...lol
At least it was not one of those Georges Jungle or Jump and jammin gyms( with bouncehouses).
And "renting a character for an hour is around 170 to whatever amount of dollars - it depends what you want, how long you want, etc.

Barney party was ok. ( sorry miss S.) All that mattered was that her Daughter was in Heaven because BARNEY was there. She kept blowing kisses to barney, showed him( well, it was her inside) house and did not leave his sight not even for a second. Mission completed. :) We got home around 7 pm. I had to cook kids dinner because they never find anything to eat at partys. lol. All they wanted was plain macaroni and butter.

Today I am going to make my kids sad and pack away all the " baby books and toys". ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. NO MORE TOYS. I am done with them. My house is so cluttered because of toys. OK. Off I go to clean my own mess..... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 16

Gabriels Birthday is on June 22. Since we will be china I am planning to have his party on June 11th. (from 4PM till 6 or 7 PM). Since he wans his Bday to have CAR theme I came up with this idea for his Invitations. :) I also got car plates, and napkins and hats and all the other stuff needed for succesful boy birthay. Now I am looking for activities for boys to do. I think I will be getting some plain wooden cars, buy some markers and let boys decorate their own cars. I also have to bake him CAR cake ( last year It was train cake). OH. I will not have BIG birthay. Probably around 6 or 7 kids total. If you have nothing else to do on 11th, please race on over. :) OH, Gabriel will be 5 years old. :)

Sunday, May 14

Happy Mothers Day from happiest place on earth :) Our firends invited us to join them in Disneyland( Ca one). We had fun filled 7 hours . We took rides, met princesses, ate lunch, watched couple of 3D shows and spent money in gift shop. It was fun Mothers Day. :)

Wednesday, May 10


Sorry for not letting you guys know whats up with Regina. :) She is doing really good now. She has another 5 days left on her antibiotics. She is feeling and doing awsome. :) Gabriel was doing really bad for 4 days. I thought I will have to take him to his doctor, but I decided to wait and just give him over the counter meds. So now he Is doing better also.

Every year since 2001 Regina gets sick in end of April/ beginning of may. I was watching View yesterday and they were talking that allergies are worst during those 2 months.. and if people get sick every year same time It might be because of allergies. So I guess all those blossoming trees and flowers and dust pay big role making her sick. :(

Now for fun part. We had fun filled weekend. On friday night Nick and I went clubbing. We left our kids with babysitter. I had so much fun just hanging out in VIP lounge and stuffing my purse with guys phonenumbers. ( seriosly;) ). On saturday we went to to spend a night in W hotel. We took kids with us. It is beautiful hotel and I like the area. Very nice and clean and quiet. Since we had kids with us and hotel was NOT kids friendly ( it is PET friendly, there was menu for pets), we had to go out to have dinner. After dinner we just crashed on sofa and wathced Law and Order because I still had hangover from Friday night. And that was it. 400 dollars per night- OVERPRICED.

Sunday was cool. We went to Anahaim Hills and celebrated our friends christening in Anahaim hills Country club. We had huuuuge brunch( crab legs, shrimp, salmon, cheeses, lots of desserts, sparkling wine, salads, pastas.... you name it, WE ATE IT. lol I forgot how much I hated buffets....;)

On monday we had friends over because it was My Birthay ( 28th). Nothing major. Nick cooked dinner , I made salad and cheeses, brought triple chocolate mousse cake, and made food for 6 kids. After dinner we watched that dumb dude trying to kill himself under water... Nothing magic about that.

Tuesday we went out to see Mission impossible 3-- I LOVED IT. To much TOM, but it was good. And then we went to eat Persian food. And now I am home, nick is back in china and I am trying to get started with my diet again. WEEK full of food, not good for anyone. :)