Tuesday, December 27

Ho ho ho and

oh, I look like fat santa myself now. I have been eating nonstop since 21st of december. But honestly, I am so sick of potato salads and sausages I am about to puke. ( lol) sorry dear sweet Estonians. If you read this, make sure that If I come to your house- only serve water and gabbage. Thank you !!!

Today was -15C cold. Cold, cold cold. Everything is soo beautiful. White, sparkling- looks clean and really peaceful. Regina is doing better, but they do miss usa. We have no interenet connection at home , so kids are bored to death because they have nothing to do. My moms house is really small- just 3 rooms and kitchen. The rooms we live in we also sleep in. So it is grazy 24/7. We also are allready getting to each other nerves......

On a happier note- tomorrow (dec 28th ) is our 7th wedding anniversary. For that we leave kids with my parents and drive to tallin to celebrate. ( tallin is about 350 kilometers from my parents house, it takes about 4 hours to drive there, but it'll be worth it.

Take care and happy holidays...

Thursday, December 22


our loggage did not. In denver we only had 15 minutes to change our planes, and we made it to the right gate after gates were closed. they had to open an emergency door to let us in. It was 2 floor plane, huuuuge but boring. I dislike lufthansa. I AM totally sas person. anyway, ouR SUITCASES wEREs still in denver last night. THEY should arrive today around 4.50. so we'll see. at least i was smart enough to take our 'goats' because i just new that something like that will happen. i blame it on kathy....anyway, mu husband is somwhere in the sky flying towards sweden. i do not know when will I SEE HIM

Tuesday, December 20

I can almost reach it- I AM REACHING IT ALLREDY- GOT IT!!!


My neighbor who works in Post office just told me that I WILL BE THE first person to get package today. So it should be here shortly!!!!!!

Reginas passport is finally in system. BUT it is not in our local post office. It is in Santa Ana distribution center. I have to wait another hour to start making phonecalls before I have more answers. PLEASE, USPS do not let me down today. I NEEd THIS PASSPORT ASAP. Customer service girl does not know whick post office it is. Fingers crossed.

Monday, December 19

One more for you Beth and for those who find it hard to belive that once or twice I was overweight pumpkin....;) Baby I am carring is my sweet boy Gabriel ( 2001)

To BETH!!!

Hei, Here I am with blond "shorter kind of hair". And Nick full set of hair and Regina IS HERE ABOUT 13,5 MONTHS OLD :)

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It is 2.30 pm

ANd I Reginas passport still is not in tracking system. I made phonecalls all morning along and since her passport is not in USPS system yet it is not possible to track. I was told that It was picked up today 1.30 pm, but it is available to track after 6.30 pm and it will be at our house in 12.00 pm tomorrow. ( IF deliveries are on time)./ My flight is on 1.20 I live 35 minutes from airport. I just can not risk waiting until last minute.
I do not know what to do.... I hate this.

Sunday, December 18

Ho,ho , Ho and merry christmas

Santa baby.... bring me some cash, like few million dollars. I really need that money....;)

Today was busy day. We woke up 9 am. Ate breakfast. I told kids to check their stockings and they did and , oh how surprised they were when they discovered that stockigs were not empty anymore. :)

Then we headed to Ralps to buy some food. And around 2pm we went to our neighbors house for Christmas Partey.
The moment I stepped into her house , my christmas spirit came back. her house looked amazing. She had about 3 snow willages , 2-3 christmas trees, EVERYTHING was decorated and it was done in such a classy manner. Her house was A M A Z I N G!!!!! It was like a museum inside. Beautiful :) We had early dinner there, chit chatted with neighbors and then around 4 pm we left.

Then we headed to Reginas friends house. We exchanged gifts, kids played and I had fun talking to Beth. :) After we got home , gabriel played with his new car for an hour , regina sorted out her stickers and now they are sleeping and I am trying to figure out what have I not packed. lol

I have 2 HOT pink suitcases full of things. One suitcase weighs 56 lbs and other 30 lbs. I have my backback almost ready- it is missing my laptop and camera. I packed Reginas suitcase because I wanted to take along something they have not seen yet because our trip is 18 hours total and if I do not have any good surprizes to take along with me, I'll be in big trouble. lol

Now I ran into another little problem. I have tracking number for Reginas passport ( it is through USPS, BUT it does not work. It is starting with letters EV, but when I check usps letter, non of the tracking number there start with EV. So I think I hav to wake up early to find out what is going on and Why I can not track her passport.

OK. Now good night. I take my acking bones to bed and dream about sourkrout and blood budding.......
Santa better bring Regina and gabriel great toys this year. Regina and gabe decorated lots of cookies for santa to eat.
Little girl in a big city. I took this pic from our baclony.

Saturday, December 17


This morning, when I woke up. I looked at myself at the mirror. My eyes were all puffy, red, I looked horrible. Well, it is all because of crying for hours last night. I called to passport agency for about 6 times yesterday- each time I had to wait 30-45 minuts before I could speak to someone, and each time I had to listen to same classical masterpeace.... No more Bach for me.

So today I logged into passport site and the message I got was this-

Thank you for submitting your passport application!

Your passport application locator number is ......

We have finished processing your passport, and it has been mailed to you.

You paid for overnight delivery. This means you should receive your passport on or about 12/18/2005.

I can not belive this. Yesterday they had no news whatsoever and today. Now lets hope that overnight delivery works. I am beyond happy- now lets just hope that this was not another error.

I think my grandma up there somewhere heard me cry....

Friday, December 16

Now, back to our St Jude trip.

Overall It was great trip. Regina is doing better than ever:) Her speech is up to date, and speech therapist commented how good she is doing. I blamed it on Reginas teacher.lol They sayed that there should be more teachers and schools like that :)

And I am soooo proud of Regina. She did 2 MRI's without sedations. Unbelivable. She was so ready for it. No complaning, no tears, no fuss at all. She just climbed on MRI table , closed her eyes and fell asleep. And of course , everybody who was in MRI room told us, that even some 16 year olds can not do such a good job staying still. :) And they told REgina that she is the BEST MRI kid ever.lol

Since I did not have a car for my stay, We pretty much hang out in hospital or in Grizzlies house. This time of year there is lots to do. In grizzlies house there were 2 christmas parties with awsome southern dinners. lol First dinner had lots of food- BBQ meatballs, sweet and sour meatballs, chicken, vegetables, lots of different cheeses, fruits , drinks and variety of desserts. It was fun dinner. On thursday the Wilsons( sp?) hotels hosted dinner and after dinner Santa came and gave kids lots, and lots of educational presents. :) I could not belive the rudness of some parents and kids. They opened their presents, ran back and seyed- I do not like this toy, this it a baby toy, I want new toy etc. - I was embarrased for them. Gosh, gifts were awsome, not some cheep toys- those were Discovery toys, games etc. Anyway- it was just great. I even managed to get myself to feel chirstmasy for a while. :) There are good people out there .....

AND we are now home. It felt sooo good to hug my little boy after this stressful week. he had this silliest , cutest, sweetest smile on his face that melted my heart. Sadly I was just way to tired to enjoy it completely, and I did pick up somekind of stomack bug... anyway- I have been huging my kids on and off last 5 hours. I think they will be sick off my hugs soon. :):)

Now everybody - cross your fingers and hope for holiday miracles for us.....

Oh I do not know how to deal with it anymore.

I WAS promised, that Reginas passport will be ready today. So I called LA passport center AGAIn- after 45 minutes on hold I got through. And all I got was- sorry LA passport center is down today. We have no information to give you. Go to our website blah blah blah. '
I have been crying my eyes out for about half an hour. I do not remember when was the last time I cryed so much about something that is not even worth crying... I just need one simple YES or NO.

BTW. Nick got his visa :) Thanks to my good friends in Estonia who did everything in theyr power to make his visa process faster. :) Thank you guys.:):)

Wednesday, December 14

Not happy.

I called to passport services, and got news I was not ready to hear. I was told that they have not even started revewing Reginas passport case. WHF??? Last week, when I called them, I was told it is in LA and it will be ready by today. When I confronted them about the info I was told last week, I was told that well, everybody makes mistakes..... I better not get my hopes up- they emailed to LA passport services with URGENT matter, but they also did it last week, and 2 weeks before that. So I do not think that URGENT matter much for them. Oh, well, seems like we will celebrate our christmas with palm trees and hormone treated foods instead traditional estonian christmas food....


Regina did her MRI without the sedation yesterday :):):):) SHe fell asleep right away and everybody commented how GOOD she is doing with everything. SHe did have to have IV line placed in because of MRI with contrast, but she did so good. No crying at all!!

NO changes in REginas brain. SHe is doing awsome, she is cancer free!!!


Monday, December 12

We are here.

Today has been really lazy day. 7.30 we had endocrine clinc apointment. Regina has not grown at all( 1 mm maybe.) But she did gain 4 lbs since last time( 3 months ago). They told me that most likely next time we fly over here they have to do insluline injected grownt hormone testing on her. brrr. GROW regina, GROW.

Tomorrow 12.00 she has MRI and that is it.

She still is coughing a lot and has lot of discharge from eyes , nose and lungs( she spits out a lot of yelloishy gooo).


Saturday, December 10

I allready miss you Gabriel.

I just dropped Gabriel off to my friends house and I allready miss his silly laugh and whiny "but WHY mom". I hope he stays healthy and happy for the most of the time and I hope he listens Miss P. well!!!! Love you Gabe. Posted by Picasa

This is not happening .,..

I swear, we are cursed. EVERY singel time we go to Memphis, Regina gets sick DAY before her trip. So this time it is the same old story- runny nose, cough and she is overly sensitive. Is it stress? Is she worring so much about her upcoming trip that she just gets sick thinking about it?? OH. I just hope that she does not get worse.

Friday, December 9

This picture is taken on thursday, 5 minutes before Keesu was picked up by his original "mom". Now he is back with his 2 sisters and mom. Notice power ranger in front of Keesu? I have not idea why it is there or who but it there,but it looks kind of cool. lol

Student of The month...

Regina got her FIRST student of the month award today. :) Students name are pulled out of "hat" and it is random. ( sounds fair).. Regina had this proud smile on her face the whole time she stood in front of her class. :) I am so proud of her :):):) Posted by Picasa

Snow day...

Today is Friday. And it was snowday In Reginas school. Kids were told to wear scarves, mittens, sweaters etc. Not many kids did though. :)  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 6

Mom, why roses have thorns???? I DO NOT KNOW, because they are roses?

Oh my

Good old times. This pic is taken last year , when we had our"vacation" from St Jude. For a while I thougth I have to 2 girls, because all gabriel wanted was to wear dresses. Now, more than year later he is little better. He still likes to dress up as princess, but not everyday. Now it is more like once in couple of weeks. lol

Everything is going pretty well with us. Kids miss their dad very much and ask every day when Dad is coming home. I do miss my dh a lot, but only because I need a brake and I do not want to worry about babysitters or parents night out or after school activity places. I miss going to movies and eating in nice restaurants. I miss his clothes on the floor next to dirty laundry basket, I miss cooking for him and I miss his hugs and kisses. ...... I MISS HIM TOO!!!!

There is hope that soon we will reunite again. And hopefully he will stay for at least couple of months. :) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 4

Christmas/Holiday madness has begun. North pole adventures, community holiday partys, parades, Santas running around like there is no tomorrow... no wonder kids are confused about Real santa.......;)

Friday, December 2

Find Hilary... lol, well, really it is a turkey in discuise, so the pilgrims wount find and eat them for Thanksgiving. It was one of the projects she had to do for her school. It was her idea, i just helped her to find the right materials :) If only Hilary knew about it....
Mommy- I want to eat fried potatoes and mini hamburgers.

Thursday, December 1

Keep Everything crossed.!!

Regina is doing GREAT!!!
BUT, there are 2 important last minute before Christmas kind of things that are pending right now.
#one- We went ahead and applied Reginas passport yesterday. Problem is, I was told that there is a slight chance that it WILL not get ready when we need it. ( SO START CROSSING EVERYTHING ALLREADY).. and other thing... Nick has something MAJOR going on for him( couple of things- if everything goes well, and there is buyer for his company, he does not have to go to china so often..

#two- his Estonian visa application is still not approved.... MORE CROSSING PLEASE......