Saturday, December 30


I hope you all had fun-fille JUST WHAT I NEEDED kind of gifts. :)

We spent our Christmas in Big bear , learning to snowboard. We dropped Regina and Gabriel to snowboarding school, where they spent whole day learning to snowboard. Gabriel told me that HE LOVES it and it is lots of fun, but Regina thinks that It was fun, but not really her thing. :)

my dh had jetflag and missed his first day of snowboarding. ( wasted 150 dollars), and in most days he was sleeping until noon.. Our cabin was cute, but had few major issues. We wanted to use fireplace, but after 45 minutes of fire , smoke started to come into house. It was SMOKY AND WORST PART WAS that smoke detectors didi not activate. Very upsetting. Then, heater did not heat up second floor, so we all slept downstairs , also doors did not lock properly, and previous renters left trash everywhere ( outside). But overall, it was one of the funnest experiences I had in a long time. I learned to snowboard. It is unbelivable feeling to race down the hill and NOT fall once. But first day (4 hours) I spent sliding down on my I did injure myself couple of times, but I really did not care about that. :

Regina and Gabriel got for christmas- JUST what they needed- American girl dolls, pop up books, bike, Supergirl TV, clothes, puzzles,cars....

On 28th, it was our 8th weddig anniversary. We went to Beverly hills and had HUGE dinner in Brazilian BBQ- 15 different kinds of meat and Awsome salad bar,. After that we just walked around and ended up in bowling place for 21 and older. And after few more drinks we went back to our hotel.( kids were with babysitter). I desperately wanted to go to vegas, and we made plans to go there, but my dh chickened out- TO LONG DRIVE. He has been downer lately....

Today is dec.30 and tomorrow dec31. I still can not belive that one more year has passed. year 2006 was good but very challenging year. Regina started growth hormone therapy, ( and she is growing allready), she started antigen therapy for her allergines, 1st grade, new skills, new hobbies, she is learning to read, and so much more..

Tomorrow we will be going to LA Estonian house to welcome year 2007. :) Talk to you soon.

Stay safe. :)

Friday, December 15

Happy HOLLLLYYYDDDaaayyyySSSS. Oh my goodness, when did this happen- we only have 2 more weeks of 2006 and then it is over... OVER foreeeeeever....
If I think back, it was fun year. It was year full of challenges- Gabriel starting Kindergarten, Regina entering first grade and learning to read, Nick "moving "to china, Me starting college again, and so on ...
I really want to thank you for being here us and thinking about us and sending us letters, and cards and emails, and thank you for all the support you guys have given us throughout the year.:0 That really means lot to us... I hope little Thank You does it :)

NOW , Regina will be flying to St Jude on 8th of december. This time he will go with Nick, since that week I have to go back to college. Anyway, I made Nicks trip as easy as possible.. HE GOT LUCKY. When I fly, I have to fly from Santa ana to Minneapolis, and from there to Memphis... But Nick got NON STOP TICETS FROM LAX TO MEMPHIS. And that is thanks to me.. ( We'll that is my gift to him , It just costed me 5 minutes on phone with St Jude Travel office....Lol) . Regina has MRI 6.45 AM on tuesday the 9th, then Nutrition Follow up, then dr check up and that is it. They will be flying back on same day 3 pmish..:):):) Since I am obsessive compulsive something something, I am worried about how Nick will do it.... lol lol lol... Will he be on time, will he ask right questions, will he this and that... I know he can do it, but since this is his FIRST TIME to fly to follow up appointment with Regina I can't help but being worried :)

Angel Carol :):):)

THANK YOU :) Regina and Gabriel ask me to ask " WHAT TIME IS IT NOW" all the

Friday, December 8

Doing good.

Regina is doing awsome. Sorry for not updating for such a long time. :):) It is holiday season and we are just way to busy wrapping and rehearsing and cleaning and attending partys.... As much as I love Christmas, I wish people did not have birthday partys around Christmas. Seems like everybody has

BTW, my sweet Girl Regina is TEACHER OF THE DAY.... She gets to give out orders, follow around teacher all day, enjoy hot chocolate with doughnot and have HUGE pizza lunch with other teachers of the day.. It is sooooo cute..:):):) Very cute. If you ask how she got to be teacher of theday- Well, I purchased 5 raffle ticets - 2dollars each, I wrote her name on it and dropped it into box. I am not sure how many other moms in her class did it, but her name was pulled out of box and There you go- Miss Tan!!!! Good for her.:) At least she get's to be miss boss for a day.... :)

Gabriel is also doing awsme. He enjoys school very much. He does his homework and learns to read . REGINA is awsome reader now. I can't belive how much she has learned within these past few months. She still has hard time decoding some words, but in overall, I am very proud of her. :)