Friday, December 8

Doing good.

Regina is doing awsome. Sorry for not updating for such a long time. :):) It is holiday season and we are just way to busy wrapping and rehearsing and cleaning and attending partys.... As much as I love Christmas, I wish people did not have birthday partys around Christmas. Seems like everybody has

BTW, my sweet Girl Regina is TEACHER OF THE DAY.... She gets to give out orders, follow around teacher all day, enjoy hot chocolate with doughnot and have HUGE pizza lunch with other teachers of the day.. It is sooooo cute..:):):) Very cute. If you ask how she got to be teacher of theday- Well, I purchased 5 raffle ticets - 2dollars each, I wrote her name on it and dropped it into box. I am not sure how many other moms in her class did it, but her name was pulled out of box and There you go- Miss Tan!!!! Good for her.:) At least she get's to be miss boss for a day.... :)

Gabriel is also doing awsme. He enjoys school very much. He does his homework and learns to read . REGINA is awsome reader now. I can't belive how much she has learned within these past few months. She still has hard time decoding some words, but in overall, I am very proud of her. :)

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