Friday, July 30

I want to thank you for all bringing me great toys  so we can give them to Childrens hospitals. PLEASE keep them coming. I am going to drop them off on 19th of august. ...

BTW.. Nick and gabriel are gone. :( House is so empty without them, BUT.. I enjoy my quiet time.  Seems like house is always clean. How sad. All I really care about is clean house, and looks like that actually gives me some peace. I LOVE quiet times.
But I do miss my GUYS!!!!  I talk to them every day :D
Same time, I am such a funny , funny person. hehe.. I invite myself over to my friends houses.. I saw one of our good friend at grocery store, and  I just yelled HI >>>>  .. and he invited myself over to have dinner with their family.. LOOOVE IT!!! I don't like eating alone. I HAVE never been alone. Gabriel has always  been here. OR Nick. Or Regina... But anyway..  Thanks Friends :D:D:D

Before Nick and Gabriel left. We   released 5 balloons ( because I broke the sixth one )  with messages that we are moving to  china. :) We let Regina know that we love her and miss her and  Laguna Niguel is empty without her :)


Saturday, July 17


. Gabriel and Nick are leaving to China on 26th.....
Couple of our friends have asked if I am going to do a little party for them and I told them I am not really sure... Maybe...BUT PAY ATTENTION.

SInce Reginas passing on September 20th I wanted to do something on her Honor and it had to include  WEBKINZ..

So on 24th of July( saturday) we are  hosting a  party  To send Gabriel and Nick to China  A N D to honor Regina.. IF you want to attend this party on Saturday , PLEASE bring NEW unused  unwrapped toy-  WEBKINz with TAGs attached, legoes, Barbies, Kens, bakin sets for kids, Kids cookbooks,  Club Penguin membership cards, inexpensive  DS games.. etc..  BUT   try to find a WEBKINZ toy, Latest DVDs, fun bandaids, cool markers,    -- I know Regina would LOVE to have this kind of party...

ALL TOYS, GAMES WHATEVER YOU   DECIDE TO BRING WILL BE DONATED TO CHLA, CHOC and DR Loudons  "magic room"...   TRUST ME-- I WILL NOT KEEP ANY TOYS TO MYSELF , maybe if it is  a right kind of "toy"...;).. But anyway...
We hope to see you on SATURDAy, JULY 24th in our house -- Party starts 2 PM and ends whenever you wish I would like to shut up... which means pretty late...

Our Address...--- 27715 Manor Hill rd... laguna niguel..
My cell number in 949 290 6958.
Let me know if you are around and would like do drop by. If you can't attend  BUT would like to send or bring a toy any other time- Just mail it to us, or drop it at our doorstep ANY TIME starting from TOMORROW- 7/18  ending 8/19.

Monday, July 12


We still have our house.  It is still available :) House of steel :D

Sadly, Nick  is going to take Gabriel to China on July 26th :(. In a way it is kind of cool- I will be resting for a month. If we don't sell our house by End of August, we will lease it out. I don't like the idea of leasing out, but seems like   people are more interested leasing than buying.

I told him that all I want when he is gone-- TV and MY bed-- and 2 wineglasses, because that is all I am going to do for a month.. Drink wine. Sometimes alone, sometimes I will fill my friends wine glass with vodka and let her have it.
I am not really stressing over  moving, but it gets little  annoying  bossing my family around--- "SHHH, I JUST CLEANED SHOWERS, and you just took a shower, and we have people coming over in  20 minutes.. OR.. DAMN, I just emptied my sink and now it is filled with empty dishes.. WTF... Gabriel is actually kind of  cool, and Nick is getting it too.. No more dirty clothes all over master suite..  Next thing I will be asking from them  -- Please no "tooting"... Nobody cares about  extra "aromas" floating

Gabriel had his FIRST piano Recital-- He played Fur Elise and Marching song.. Instead of one applause he got 2 :D  - Well, rule was to applaud in beginning- then let them play 2 songs and applaud again-- BUT Gabriel played Fur Elise so well  people forgot about NO APPlaud rule between songs, and he got  CLAP CLAP CLAP :D:So proud of my pianist :D

We also had couple of fun parties and Dinner events with friends :D You have no idea how much I love this OC or actually California lifestyle-- There is something for everyone. For me, for you, for rest of you..hehe.. you just have to find it :)
My best friend had her Pimps and Ho's party ( my idea), 4th of July party with my other friend, numerous dinner parties... Playdates for Gabriel,  etc...
There is never dull moment in our house. We are always on the go. Sometimes I think we plan to much ( My fault), but I just want to be active.... :D


MIss my princess Regina...

Thursday, July 1


My boy turned 9 on June 22nd:D  What a  life he have had so far.     He was 2 years old when Regina was diagnosed with cancer. He has been so understanding, and careful brother.   I am so proud to say that HE IS MY SON :D  But he still remember his 2007 birthday  that we had to cancel and Regina had to have emergency brain surgery  due to overwhelming tumor growth in her brain...   Is it always will be like -- Remember that birthday , and that Christmas, and That easter ... Do you remember when .. and then...  
Yes I understand that grieving is process with ups and downs.. But  why it has to be so painful?  Why remembering good times brings so many mixed emotions- anger, joy, laughter, tears..  Feelings are  like one big puzzle...  Once you think you have completed it , something or someone   messes it all up and there are those single pieces again..

But to be honest- We are having fun together as family of 3. We are blessed with  great friends  and family who understand us or "pretend" that they do ;)  We live in warm and sunny So Cal .. soon to be moving to Asia ( IF we sell our house...hehe)..
 Thank you for checking in once in a while:D   Group hug :D