Friday, July 30

I want to thank you for all bringing me great toys  so we can give them to Childrens hospitals. PLEASE keep them coming. I am going to drop them off on 19th of august. ...

BTW.. Nick and gabriel are gone. :( House is so empty without them, BUT.. I enjoy my quiet time.  Seems like house is always clean. How sad. All I really care about is clean house, and looks like that actually gives me some peace. I LOVE quiet times.
But I do miss my GUYS!!!!  I talk to them every day :D
Same time, I am such a funny , funny person. hehe.. I invite myself over to my friends houses.. I saw one of our good friend at grocery store, and  I just yelled HI >>>>  .. and he invited myself over to have dinner with their family.. LOOOVE IT!!! I don't like eating alone. I HAVE never been alone. Gabriel has always  been here. OR Nick. Or Regina... But anyway..  Thanks Friends :D:D:D

Before Nick and Gabriel left. We   released 5 balloons ( because I broke the sixth one )  with messages that we are moving to  china. :) We let Regina know that we love her and miss her and  Laguna Niguel is empty without her :)


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