Thursday, July 1


My boy turned 9 on June 22nd:D  What a  life he have had so far.     He was 2 years old when Regina was diagnosed with cancer. He has been so understanding, and careful brother.   I am so proud to say that HE IS MY SON :D  But he still remember his 2007 birthday  that we had to cancel and Regina had to have emergency brain surgery  due to overwhelming tumor growth in her brain...   Is it always will be like -- Remember that birthday , and that Christmas, and That easter ... Do you remember when .. and then...  
Yes I understand that grieving is process with ups and downs.. But  why it has to be so painful?  Why remembering good times brings so many mixed emotions- anger, joy, laughter, tears..  Feelings are  like one big puzzle...  Once you think you have completed it , something or someone   messes it all up and there are those single pieces again..

But to be honest- We are having fun together as family of 3. We are blessed with  great friends  and family who understand us or "pretend" that they do ;)  We live in warm and sunny So Cal .. soon to be moving to Asia ( IF we sell our house...hehe)..
 Thank you for checking in once in a while:D   Group hug :D


Patty said...

Great to see you, hubby and Gabriel having a little fun. Good luck in selling the house and the up coming move. Will be quite a step you will be making, but sure you will see hubby more often. Have a wonderful 4th. of July week-end. And Happy Belated Birthday Gabriel.

KMGheno said...

Hi D - Thanks for keeping us all in the loop; sounds like as much vitality and life is in your home and life as always. I think of you guys often and am sending good juju as always.

Much love!