Friday, July 25


Our days in northen Estonia are filled with fun activities. We went to water and activity park Tembu Vembu maa( kind of like wild rivers meets carnival rides. It is so nice to see familiar places again and taste food that I have been wanting to taste for few years. Nights are here long and mornings start early. People seem happier and friendlier ,but still pretty crumpy...hehe. Nature is amazing.
View to see and Tallinn

Wednesday, July 23



We arrived YESTERDAY on time. Flight was great . And went without any major issues. Weather in Tallinn is gorgeous. We are spending some time with our friends in Northen estonia and on monday we will go to my hometown in Southern Estonia. Talk to you all later :)

Saturday, July 19

Superga Event with WeCan/The Art of Elysium

Today we went to Franklin Canyon Park , which is located in Beverly Hills. It is about 72 miles from us. good 2 hour drive with Freeway 5 traffic. The event we went was Suprega shoes Bocce ball tournament. Every family got free Suprega shoes- Very comfy and cool tennis shoes, picnic basket( in this care Art Of Elysium bag full of cheese, salads, bread and other italian goodies). We also met few celebrities. Brothers and Sisters cast was there ( I did not take pics with them, since Regina really does not care for them). Elijah Wood from Lord Of the rings ( He is super nice and adorable) Regina and him shared picnic table for 15 minutes...
Reaper Dude and whole bunch of other I have seen on tv, but I have no idea what their names are.... It was really fun event.

Thursday, July 17

I am very proud of Regina.

( Lady in black Is not me)

I signed up Regina for Saddleback College Swimming lessons. I had to sign her up for beginner class. After 8 swimming courses she graduated from Beginners one, to beginners 2. Other kids in her class had to repeat swimming one. I am so proud of Regina. She really did good learning to swim, dive and even float on her back. :) Her instructor told me that she is very fast learner and she is very proud of what Regina accomplished with such a short time :)

Way to go Regina.

Wednesday, July 16


Finally. Finally something I have been wanting to do for 2 and 1/2 years. On june 23'd Regina and I are finally flying to Estonia for a month. Our bags are packed and I am getting little worried about my over sized luggage. But I can't travel light. I have to have tons of clothes, shoes and other stuff that I MIGHT need, but am not sure if I need it, but I take it anyway with me.

I have to take tons of Reginas medications, whole suitcase full of make up just because I like to look like drag queen most of the time, some gifts for village people... and more stuff.... so my whole luggage weighs about 100 lbs ( well, since it is me and regina I hope it's ok. )

Anyway, WOHOO to mee.. I look forward gaining 20 lbs of fat because only reason i really wanna go is food.... and liquor... and food.... But I promise-- I will NOT start smoking again. I have no desire for it and since there was law passed in Estonia about Indoor smoking, then WOHOOOO!!! SMOKE FREE CLUBS AND RESTAURANTS!!!!

Sunday, July 13

Wednesday, July 9

What a long but great day.

We had a long day.
Todays schedule.
3 hours of summer school
1 1/2 drive to CHLA for "chemo" ( avastin treatment).
3 hours in CHLA.
Drive back to OC from CHLA

30 minute Swimming lesson 5PM for Regina

AND the highlight of today was Dinner in Macaroni Grill. We went there before because Gabriel just did not shut up about somebody special working in there... And we almost did not go today, because I was sure kids wanted to go to Chilis... But I told them I AM DONE WITH CHILIS. I can't take another southwestern egg roll. I am done with them...

And then Gabriel had an Idea. Let's go to Macaroni Grill,because they make the best shell mac and cheese... And Mr. Miller works there.( We heard a lot about Mr. Miller, yeah, and let me tell you, Gabriel never met mr. Miller, but he spoke about him like he knew him...)..
Well, we finally got to meet Macaroni Grill famous manager Mr. Miller. And that was an honor. He is as much fun as Mrs. Miller, If not more.... ;)

Well, we ended up having great family dinner. I forgot how good real food tastes. I have been on a healthy fat free diet for way to long..... and today I had Eggplant Parmesan- OH my gawd.... it was so good, Kids helped me with pasta part, but flavor of this dish was just amazing. So goooood. My husband was impressed with it's bread and house wine. Bread there really is one of the best breads I have had for a very long while. very europian flavor and texture... And service was friendly. And most important. That restaurant is spotless. I swear- floors were shining, and place itself is so clutter free... Anyway, it is 9 pm now and we are happy that we went there. We were little sad to leave without saying Mr. Miller Thanks for great meal, but he was nowhere to be seen when we left. .
And Mrs. Miller. Hope you do not have to spend rest of you summer in bed.. ( hugs)

ps. Sadly I did not take my camera with me..( I have been trying very hard to leave camera home, so I can enjoy my time with people.... but I wish I had it with us today)

Thursday, July 3

Manners Made fun.

2 o'clock group.

Past 2 weeks Regina has been attending College For Kids course Manners made fun by Mrs. Laura Little. Mrs. Little has been teaching this course for 25 years and each time course ends with Tea party in Ritz Carlton. So did it this time.
(Regina and Mrs. Laura Little) Children were presented with manners Made FUn diplomas and we all enjoyed tee, and tea sandwiches and Cute mini desserts.
Mrs. Little thought children Phone manners, how to set table, how to shake hands, how to introduce your friends and parents.. and more. I think it was wonderful 2 week course for girls and few boys.
(Reginas Signature Pose)

And of course my fave part was Tea in Ritz Carlton. This hotel is AMAZING.!!

EVERYBODY got this plate with delicious Desserts.

Cute and tasty tea sandwiches.

Wednesday, July 2

Poor Regina :(

My baby is not doing very well right now. School during summertime is not a great idea. She hates it.
Also Regina got a nasty bacterial vaginosis and she is miserable. It is really painful for her and she does not know how to deal with it.
Her mouth sores are getting better, and they were due to some virus that was going around( yup, we found out lot of kids HAve it right now. Not sure how she got it. She washes her hands gazzillion times per day..

Also- We are wishing you all HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! Have fun !!

Tuesday, July 1

Check out my Friend Risa's blog. If you guys remember she was the one who planned a amazing tea Party for Regina last year.... Now... She is not doing tea parties anymore( I hope she will do them at one point again, because she is just born to do Tea)

I think she is one talented gal. Right now she is doing face paintings, and her face art is amazing. Check out her blog for more info.