Saturday, July 19

Superga Event with WeCan/The Art of Elysium

Today we went to Franklin Canyon Park , which is located in Beverly Hills. It is about 72 miles from us. good 2 hour drive with Freeway 5 traffic. The event we went was Suprega shoes Bocce ball tournament. Every family got free Suprega shoes- Very comfy and cool tennis shoes, picnic basket( in this care Art Of Elysium bag full of cheese, salads, bread and other italian goodies). We also met few celebrities. Brothers and Sisters cast was there ( I did not take pics with them, since Regina really does not care for them). Elijah Wood from Lord Of the rings ( He is super nice and adorable) Regina and him shared picnic table for 15 minutes...
Reaper Dude and whole bunch of other I have seen on tv, but I have no idea what their names are.... It was really fun event.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Nice Regina had a fund day. Hope all of the family was able to attend and hope they all had fun also.
Happy Sunday

maiecka said...

Nice blog!
I'm so far away from you but here problems looks this same!
you must be strong!
greetings from Poland!

Karin Woywod said...

Isn't this YOUR daughter Regina in this pic taken by SplashNews / Tonya Wise ?

click here


- Karin.