Wednesday, July 16


Finally. Finally something I have been wanting to do for 2 and 1/2 years. On june 23'd Regina and I are finally flying to Estonia for a month. Our bags are packed and I am getting little worried about my over sized luggage. But I can't travel light. I have to have tons of clothes, shoes and other stuff that I MIGHT need, but am not sure if I need it, but I take it anyway with me.

I have to take tons of Reginas medications, whole suitcase full of make up just because I like to look like drag queen most of the time, some gifts for village people... and more stuff.... so my whole luggage weighs about 100 lbs ( well, since it is me and regina I hope it's ok. )

Anyway, WOHOO to mee.. I look forward gaining 20 lbs of fat because only reason i really wanna go is food.... and liquor... and food.... But I promise-- I will NOT start smoking again. I have no desire for it and since there was law passed in Estonia about Indoor smoking, then WOHOOOO!!! SMOKE FREE CLUBS AND RESTAURANTS!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, July 23rd!!! i just returned from EE and oh boy, it's rainy and chilly there, i really hope by the time you get there the weather has been changed for better one. The life overall is more expensive than 3 years ago, but i assume that you know all those things, anyway, one month, you're very lucky! You'll rent a car? Because next time i have to. Take care and enjoy your trip!!!!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Have a great time. Try to travel light, remember you can wash out the clothes you take. I would only take several changes of clothes, plenty of underwear. LOL That way you can changed that everyday. But it wouldn't hurt to wear the outside clothing more then one day. I have no idea what the weather is like over there now, but I'm sure you know.

Have a great time