Thursday, July 3

Manners Made fun.

2 o'clock group.

Past 2 weeks Regina has been attending College For Kids course Manners made fun by Mrs. Laura Little. Mrs. Little has been teaching this course for 25 years and each time course ends with Tea party in Ritz Carlton. So did it this time.
(Regina and Mrs. Laura Little) Children were presented with manners Made FUn diplomas and we all enjoyed tee, and tea sandwiches and Cute mini desserts.
Mrs. Little thought children Phone manners, how to set table, how to shake hands, how to introduce your friends and parents.. and more. I think it was wonderful 2 week course for girls and few boys.
(Reginas Signature Pose)

And of course my fave part was Tea in Ritz Carlton. This hotel is AMAZING.!!

EVERYBODY got this plate with delicious Desserts.

Cute and tasty tea sandwiches.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Colleen and my daughter Ellie is 5. She was diagnoised on April 23rd of this year with a Supratentorial PNET. It was softball sized in her right frontal lobe. She has had 2 surgeries and 95% of the tumor was removed. We are currently at St. Jude being treated by Dr. Gajjar. We finish up radiation treatments this week and head back to Virginia for 4 weeks. We then come back for 4 rounds of high dose chemo. Sounds like Regina was on the same protocol.

I have been trying to find similar kids with PNETS. I would love to talk with you if at all possible. My email is

I wish you both the best and I will pray for a full recovery for her.
Thank you and God Bless