Sunday, March 6

 Now that I live in Beijing with my family, I feel like I see Nick less and less. He travels a lot between hangzhou where his  main office is . Usually he comes to Beijing for a weekend, and then  goes back to Hangzhou for a week.
And NOW, he took off again to go to USA for  a week.  UGH.  Hi Lonely females-lets unite...

Every time Nick travels to USA, he writes a long list of things he has to bring back.  Even though we live in Beijing, and everything is available here,  quality and price  is what matters.   And in china we do not get quality and we do not get good price . So this time nick has to  come back with-

  • Almonds from costco
  • Walnuts from costco
  • toothpaste from costco
  • Rembrandt toothpaste
  • toothbrashes from costco
  • chewing gum I like and is too expensive here in beijing( triple the price)
  • plastic wrap( gling wrap)
  • alcohol from tax free shop
  • MacBook pro( new generation)
  • Canon 5D mark 2 ( hope he gets it this time)
  • different goat cheeses 
  • Cereals
  • my perfum- Armani diamond Intense ( way to expensive in China)
  • Skin care products
  • Salsa

I also wanted to send him to TJ maxx for a shopping trip, but He can't handle this kind of shopping ;) So no new shoes for me :D

We are  also slowly getting ready for our next move . YES.. After Gabriels school is out, we are going to take a short trip to USA, and then we are going to pack our bags and move to Hangzhou. I am not excited about it.  BUT ,  I am not really against it ether. I am just getting used to Beijing lifestyle, meeting people,  I know where everything is ..  ANd now I have to start from BEGINNING AGAIn.

i was told at one of the parties Nick and I attended ( where everybody LOVED hangzhou), that it will be easier there for me to meet people, get to know places, and make hangzhou my home, since it is smaller, and expat community there is  also smaller, and people are "tight". So Hopefully they are right, and if they are not, I will find them on Facebook, and let them know that they were W R O N G :D

About Gabriel. He is  not doing very well in his new school.  We still have no PTA, and sadly, i believe that we are stuck with teacher, who is not really doing her job as passionately as we are used to.  Gabriels grades last semester were not the best, and it made us go WHAT ??? you like math and know math and you got C?? WHAT? Not possible... Anyway, just little disappointing. 

We also miss our Girl Regina terribly.  There is not a day she is not in our minds. But I know one day I will get a second chance to  see her and that time we will not be separated. 
                                                              xoxoxox Regina.R.I P.