Thursday, March 30

St jude Travel office.

Every time we go to St jude we get one slip that we have to fill out and leave downstairs where is patient services. Slip is about when our next trip will be , so they can make reservations ahead of time.
Our trip is coming up next week ( tuesday) and we have no tickets. So I call them and guess what- They have not sent us tickets yet BECAUSE we have not requested them. So I emailed to Dr Gajjar and he told us that he will sort things out with Travel office and they will get back to us tomorrow. Tis is second time I have problems with travel office. Next time I will call them every week to make sure they have our info. lol But this is frustrating. I just hope that they do not have to change our schedule, because if they do I have to take Gabriel with us. ( Not a very good idea).

AND on a good note. TOMORROW ( march 31st) is my husbands 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Honey. :) I have been baking and baking and making sure markets have foods I need and were are best prices. Oh. I am exited. :):):)

Tuesday, March 28

ONe more week.

Sorry for not updating often enough. Nothing exiting is really happening around here. I drive kids to school every morning and pick them up every afternoon. In between I clean, shop and get botox shots ( Not really, but if you watch real desparate housewifes of Orange county, then you may think that all the females here are freeloading self centered h****. srry, just had to get that out.

Regina is feeling better now. She is not coughing as much as she did 4 days ag0. I am pretty sure now that her cough and runny nose has something to do with spring allergies. With she gets better, but when sun is out and all flowers in full bloom , she gets really congested and sick.

We also are getting ready to go to memphis. Our apointments are 5-7 april. So think about us during those 3 grazy stressed filled days.


Thursday, March 23

Regina lost one more tooth. Total count -4-/ :) She looks so funny without her teeth. New ones are allready in and I can tell that she will need braces when right time comes.

Monday, March 20

Saturday, March 18

FUN Saturday. :)

Today really was fun, fun saturday. It started around 10.30 in park. Around 11 am I received a call from Miss B. ( she was supposed to call me today, I even had it marked it down, BUT i forgot that she was supposed to call). Anyway, she called and asked if we want to go to see movie and have lunch. Of Course we did because we were pretty bored.
We went to plaza were we were supposed to have lunch and see movie. As we entered parking lot something seemed weird. It was 11.40 and parking lot was empty ( almost empty). We started walking toward Edwards( movie theater) and we were told that there was minor fire in theater and movie is closed down. for 5 hours. GREAT!!!!. So we had lunch and headed to Discovery science senter. Gabriel and Heather had fun, but Regina was bored out of her mind. Science is really not her thing.

After science center we went to Irvine spectrum. We went to see The Shaggy dog movie. It was ok movie- we did have some good laughs but overall it was really dumb ( YEAH, message kids got out of this movie was- IF YOU GET BITTEN BY DOG, YOU WILL TURN INTO ONE ). Gabriel is real exited about it. He wants to be dog. And of course as always- Gabriels fave part about movie was THE END.
Then We had dinner in Yard house ( I had California roll - It was really, really really good. ) and after that kids and us took a ride with marry go round and it was allredy 7.30 PM. Time really did go by really fast today :) It is 10.24pm. Kids are fast asleep and I am tired but not ready to sleep. So much to do, so little time.... ;)


Friday, March 17

Jog-A-Thon- Happy St Patricks day :)

Regina is third from right

This morning was fun!!! Really, it was really, really, really cool way to start a morning. :) There was jog-a-thon in Reginas school. Lot of kids raised lots of money for theyr school and to end a 2 week fundraiser, all kids who raised money and others too, ran for 20 minutes. You should have seen Regina go. She was really fast. She ran 6 laps. Unbelivable, I had no Idea she had that much strenght and energy in her. I am so proud of her :) She was so out of breath after she finished, but she was happy :) Go Regina :)

Wednesday, March 8

Oh wow...

Today was pretty eventful day . My windows are now all nice and clean. I had guy come in and clean all the windows, mirrows, shower doors, garage doors and everything else that shines. lol

nd the main event of the day was KINDERGARTEN ORIENTATION. I can not belive how fast time just passes by. I got all the needed papers to enroll Gabriel to public kindergarten . Unbelivable, Gabriel will start kindergarten in fall. MY kids really are growing up. :( Reginas school has 3 kindergarten classes - 26 kids in each class, but seems like this year there will be more kids wanting to enter this school. Last year, when I did kindergarten Orientation for Regina, there were lot of empty spaces in room, but this time all the chairs were filled and people also sat on the floor. :)

Gabriel is really ready to start kindergarten. He asks every day when he can go to "Reginas " School. He is so exited about it. :) Jey for Gabe. :)

Regina is doing OK. She still coughs and has runny nose. One of the moms recommended ProBiotics , so off I go to health store tomorrow to get it. :)

AND all of you who know Steven( he had same kind of brain tumor as Regina). He had his check up in St Jude and has good news to report :):):) (((( Hugs and Kisses to Steven)))

Monday, March 6

Find my kids....

Last week I decided to organise my kids rooms- It was hard work. All the books, coloring books, cars, dolls, board games and other junk just started getting on my nerves and on some weird way things never stayed where I put them. SO now all kids toys/books are in one room, and beds in other room. Much easier to clean.
Next mission- clean up kids closets. ( even more junk there lol)

Regina is doing ok. On friday I did not send her to school. She woke up with fever and coughed a lot. Fever dissapeared pretty fast but she was still left with horrible cough. So I went to pharmacy and got her some med. I got her cough medicine she has never used before and it does wonders. it is a 12 hour cough medicine but it works for 14-15 hours. No more robitussin in our house. :)

Gabriel is doing also ok. He is more active than ever and gets himself in trouble all the time. Now that he is in pre-K , he has new teachers. Gabe has been in tutor time for 3 years now and NEVER ever before I got a note that he missbehaved or, did no listen , or disturbed others. Now suddenly I get note from teahcers every day that he just did not follow the rules and did not sleep- BUT , ever time I pick him up from shool he is still naping ( 3 pm). His teachers sound like Gabriel is the worst kid in group but same time I see other kids and if I have to compare gabe to some of the others- HE is an Angel. I think tomorrow I will ask directors permission to monitor him throug security camera to see what is really going on in his class. I'm sure he is not as bad as teachers make him look like. :(

He truly is good boy with very twisted mind. lol. He hugs and kisses me hundreds of times when we are together, he asks silliest questions about people and things and he loves his sister very much- he told me he hates Regina only when Regina wants to take his favorite Barbie away. ( Gabriels fave Barbie is annika from princess and pauper, and he sleeps with hem, takes baths with her etc- The other night I took his barbie away, he woke up middle of the night and started screaming- MY BARBIE IS MISSING, mommy FIND MY BARBIE... He is so attached to her.. :)

Other than that we are ok. Just do the things we have to do. :0) Posted by Picasa