Saturday, March 18

FUN Saturday. :)

Today really was fun, fun saturday. It started around 10.30 in park. Around 11 am I received a call from Miss B. ( she was supposed to call me today, I even had it marked it down, BUT i forgot that she was supposed to call). Anyway, she called and asked if we want to go to see movie and have lunch. Of Course we did because we were pretty bored.
We went to plaza were we were supposed to have lunch and see movie. As we entered parking lot something seemed weird. It was 11.40 and parking lot was empty ( almost empty). We started walking toward Edwards( movie theater) and we were told that there was minor fire in theater and movie is closed down. for 5 hours. GREAT!!!!. So we had lunch and headed to Discovery science senter. Gabriel and Heather had fun, but Regina was bored out of her mind. Science is really not her thing.

After science center we went to Irvine spectrum. We went to see The Shaggy dog movie. It was ok movie- we did have some good laughs but overall it was really dumb ( YEAH, message kids got out of this movie was- IF YOU GET BITTEN BY DOG, YOU WILL TURN INTO ONE ). Gabriel is real exited about it. He wants to be dog. And of course as always- Gabriels fave part about movie was THE END.
Then We had dinner in Yard house ( I had California roll - It was really, really really good. ) and after that kids and us took a ride with marry go round and it was allredy 7.30 PM. Time really did go by really fast today :) It is 10.24pm. Kids are fast asleep and I am tired but not ready to sleep. So much to do, so little time.... ;)


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