Wednesday, August 23

Build A Bear..

REGINAS FRIEND HEATHER turned 7 !!! We were invited to celebrate his birthday in Build A Bear. I think it was cute party. :) Regina had fun But Gabriel was really shy and quiet at first and wanted to get out of there , but finally, when it was time to leave the place HE WANTED TO STAY. I swear, I do not understand what is going on with my boy....

After build a bear we all opened presents, had lunch and ate cake at the same mall. Regina got really sad since she had very hard time sharing Heather with others. She does better when she is one in one with Heather, but when there are other kids around she just feels sad because she thinks Heather does not love her enough. :( So I tryed to explain her at home that it was Heathers birthday and all those kids were heathers friends and Heather loves all of her friends equally. :):):):):)
Now guys send some good reovery vibes on your way- Heathers mom is haveing surgery on this coming friday. She really does need to recover fast because she is teacher and she needs to go back to her school week after surgery( Right B???)

Tuesday, August 22

having fun

This picture is taken few months ago. ( Gabriel , Regina , Riley and Devin), I am not sure if I ever posted this, but I LOVE this shot. We went out with our neighbors and friends and kids had a blast playing and just running around. :) Posted by Picasa


So today Regina scared me a little. As I was cleaning up after breakfast this morning I suddenly hear Reginas sad little voice. "Mommy, I am really dizzy right now, I can not sit down, I have to lie down right now. So I stopped what I was doing and hurried to help her. After 30 minutes she told me that she is not feeling dizzy anymore and she is ready to play now. BUT of course the first thought that raced to my mind was-- OH NO.....( You know what comes next). I think that she needed a little sugar rush to take over and so we baked cupcakes after she was feeling better. Now she is back to normal and is playing computer games...

Tomorrow we are going to Reginas friend Bday party in Build A Bear. It will be lots of fun. :):):) She has been asking about this party every day since we got invite. :)

And Soon is Reginas Birthday and I still have no slightest idea what to do. We went to mall and they had on shop for girls and they do "Girly" partys there for kids, BUT minimum cost for Bday is 300 dollars and price per kid is 50 dollars ( so , if we want to invite 12 kids it will be 600 dollars+ cake and treats .... WAY to expencive, she really liked that store but NO way I am going to spend close to 1000 dollars for 1,5 hours.

Second option is Chucki Cheeses- it is 11.95 per person and I could pull it off + it will be fun for boys and Girls same time :) I have couple of more days to think about it and I hopefully make up my mind pretty soon because September 19th is almost here.


Tuesday, August 15

We are doing good. :)

Reginas growth hormone testing went really well. Her blood sugar was healthy low to start with ( 53) and when it reached 23 ( dangerosly low), she did not have any major problems. She did fall asleep and got really sweaty and tired, but after it was over , they gave her some sugary apple juice and crackers, and her sugar went up to100. AND she did not cry when nurse inserted 2 IVs to her( one for emergency ) . I was so proud of her. :)

The whole week in memphis was filled with fun activites. They had Target Carnival and Regina got lots of new toys and "junk" from there. Then we wisited Target house every day because of Camp Wishing Well - we did lots of arts and crafts and ate WAY to many burgers and other BBQ foods. lol. On friday ( last day of Camp Wishing well) target house had back to school night. Every kid got a back back.- Regina chose My little pony bag with wheels, and then they had stations set up downstairs and we got to fill her back pack with all kinds of stuff needed for school- binders, markers, crayons, dictionarys, notebooks, pens, rulers and much more. I think her backpack weighed at last 15 lbs because of all the paper stuff. :) It was really , really fun week. :) And I am just amazed with regina how patiently she dealed with everything.

She also had 6 hour psych testing. 3 hours in tuesday and 3 hours in wednesday. I knew that if I was going to be in the room she will not perform as well as I was out, so I stayed out of the room:) But I was told that she did AWSOME with everyhting. They were really impressed with her math skilles and solving super hard puzzles that even some high school kids can not . So WTG Regina. AND she was happy to do it. She told me that It is just like school only better, because she got a big prize after each testing:)

We allready got our schedule for next time and then we only have 2 days of appointments ( november 12 and 13 I think) MRI and Patient screening. Of course these 2 apointments are scheduled on 2 different days. DUMB.

Now I CAN not wait till school starts. I am so ready to enjoy some ME time. Even though it is only 3,5 hours, I am exited about it.

AND I am going back to college. YES!!! This cemester I only enrolled 2 online classes, but that is better than nothing- psychology and Excel. I think I will change my major to nursing . Well, I am pretty sure about it. I am not exited about how much books cost and that Price per unit is 26 dollars.( 2002 it was 11 dollars per unit) Thanks Arnold.!!!!!


Thursday, August 10

Good luck to us tomorrow./

Regina has hard day tomorrow. 8 am she will be admitted for growth hormone testing and it will be no fun testing.
Lots of poking and it will make her very, very sick. I was told that she may die ( of course they have to warn me and give me worse case cenario) as a result of this test, but it is needed to help her in the future. If test show that she is not growing the way she should, then I have to inject her daily with growth hormoes until she is about 14-16 years old.

So , I am really hoping that tests show that she is doing fine. ::()

Wednesday, August 9

So far so good

Wohoo- clean scans :):):)

Today she had audiology testing ( hearing). Her hearing is pretty much the same. her left ear is full of wax. They are trying to schedule appointment for tomorrow to get wax out. Her hearing loss is getting little worse but not bad enough for hearing aid. :) I just have to let her teachers know that she can not hear very well when there are lots of people talking or lots of background noise.

Her psychological evaluation is going good also. I was told that she is very brigh young lady ;) Her IQ testing was above average. Good for her :)

On friday we have growth hormone testing. And after that we are ready to fly home.

Oh, btw, she did her MRI's without sedation, And everybody is amazed that she can do it. Because there are older kids ( 15-16 year old) who still need sedation for mris. :) And she did not make a sound when nurses had to draw her blood :) Since she has really tiny veins, they had to find nurse who is really good with cases like this. They had to wrap her to warm blanket for 15 minutes to get her warmed up and after that her veins popped up. lol :)