Wednesday, August 9

So far so good

Wohoo- clean scans :):):)

Today she had audiology testing ( hearing). Her hearing is pretty much the same. her left ear is full of wax. They are trying to schedule appointment for tomorrow to get wax out. Her hearing loss is getting little worse but not bad enough for hearing aid. :) I just have to let her teachers know that she can not hear very well when there are lots of people talking or lots of background noise.

Her psychological evaluation is going good also. I was told that she is very brigh young lady ;) Her IQ testing was above average. Good for her :)

On friday we have growth hormone testing. And after that we are ready to fly home.

Oh, btw, she did her MRI's without sedation, And everybody is amazed that she can do it. Because there are older kids ( 15-16 year old) who still need sedation for mris. :) And she did not make a sound when nurses had to draw her blood :) Since she has really tiny veins, they had to find nurse who is really good with cases like this. They had to wrap her to warm blanket for 15 minutes to get her warmed up and after that her veins popped up. lol :)


Kathy said...

Congratulations on clean scans and to Regina for being such a brave little girl.

I think she will have to give Steven some tips for how to get a blood draw and IV without panicking.

Eat some of those Brim's salt and vinegar bacon rinds for me. Yummy.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Yes, I am eating them but not sure If I want to share them with anyone....
Tomorrow ( firday) Regina has growth hormone testina and then on saturday we have to PACK safe for our trip. I only have carry on bags, so all my 'Designer' (lol) skin care products, toothpaste, shampoos have to be thown away. I hate terrorists.