Wednesday, August 23

Build A Bear..

REGINAS FRIEND HEATHER turned 7 !!! We were invited to celebrate his birthday in Build A Bear. I think it was cute party. :) Regina had fun But Gabriel was really shy and quiet at first and wanted to get out of there , but finally, when it was time to leave the place HE WANTED TO STAY. I swear, I do not understand what is going on with my boy....

After build a bear we all opened presents, had lunch and ate cake at the same mall. Regina got really sad since she had very hard time sharing Heather with others. She does better when she is one in one with Heather, but when there are other kids around she just feels sad because she thinks Heather does not love her enough. :( So I tryed to explain her at home that it was Heathers birthday and all those kids were heathers friends and Heather loves all of her friends equally. :):):):):)
Now guys send some good reovery vibes on your way- Heathers mom is haveing surgery on this coming friday. She really does need to recover fast because she is teacher and she needs to go back to her school week after surgery( Right B???)

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