Tuesday, September 5


my house is empty. Regina and Gabriel started school today. I woke them up 6.35. fast breakfast, get ready and OUT. I thought I would feel just fine- you know , kids are out of the house, I have time to do things that I like.... BUT I feel sad that the are gone. Gabriel was so sad this morning. He did not want me to leave. He just kept repeating- Mommy stay with me, Mommy, stay with me, mommy, stay with me. But mommy did not stay. Mommy had to leave.

Regina did just fine. They had flag ceremony, went over rules and they were ready for classes. : )::)

I am not sure if I mentioned this to you guys. Last week I got a call from St Jude. I was told that Regina has to start growth hormone therapy since her body is not producing any growth hormones ( or very little). I was told that without growth hormones she will be around 4f 4 in ( around that) and it is way to short. They want her to be at least 5f2in. Nick and I are both tall and our families are tall, so we have to make sure Regina gets to be tall eather.
She will be on daily hormone shots for 10 years. So when she will be 17 years old, she will finally be able to get off the meds. But if it helps her, I just have to do it. It really is not about me. It is about her and her well being. :) So that is all about us.

I have 5 and 1/2 hours before kids get back home. 1 hour of cardio, clean up house, clean closets, do grossery shopping and ...

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