Monday, September 18

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, Dear Regina ,
Happy Birthday to you.

Reginas Birthday in on September 19th , but we had a party for her yesterday. It was a very cute party. We invited about 18 kids ( Regina Told me who she wanted to invite) and I sent out invitations. Everybody showed up and Oh boy, Reginas Momma was one busy woman trying to keep everything under control. It was pretty easy since kids listened to me pretty well, Only thing they really did not care about was my rule - NO FOOD OUTSIDE OF FAMILY ROOM. lol so after all the kids had left i found unfinished slice of pizza under my living room sofa and chocolate cupcake crumbs all over the place. But at least Regina had lots of fun and that is what matters. :):):) I also had "emailorder" Princess. lol She was very pretty and kids loved her.

Thank you Angel Carol :):):) Regina is one lucky girl to have you in her life ;)


l6vikutsikas said...

Palju õnne!
Vahva pidu oli, ja see meili-printsess on hea idee.
Muide, mõtlen alati ameerika torte vaadates: mis maitsega need küll on???
Meil hakkas tänasest vihmane sügis, Lappi lubatakse juba lund.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Tegelikult oli mul Reginale synnipaevaks tehtud Lossi ja Princessi tort. Kui ma hommikul lossi kylmkapist valja votsin potsatas kook korraga porandale ja paasta enam ei andnud. Jooksin kahku Cotcosse,, ostisn tavalise tordi ja panin oma princessi koogi, mis veel kapis oli kahku selle costco koogi otsa. Yldiselt mulle need yldised synnipeava tordid siin USAs ei meeldi. Liiga palju suhkru frostingut ja liiga magus on.

Carol said...

Regina's party looks like it was a lot of fun!!! Glad she had such a great birthday!