Saturday, September 23


I love surprising my kids. We knew( my dh and I ) That we will be going to legoland today, but we did not tell Regina or Gabe anything about it. I knew, that If I told them, They will start missbehiving
So, around 10 am I packed my backpack and told them to get ready and then we started 40 mile ride to San Diego. We had so much fun today. We took rides, played with Legos, ate expensive lunch (kids meal in burger joint was 7 dollars lol). Kids played with water, argued with us which ride to take next. To bad that it closed 5 pm. There was 3 more rides we wanted to take, but sadly, we did not have time for that. Maybe next time. J I also wanted to visit gift shop, but since my DH had to go back to china, then we just left 5 pm. And probably saved about 50 dollars. Lol.

Now it is me and kids again and I do not like this not one bit. With Regina’s growth hormone and other little issues, my mind is going crazy. I have a really bad feeling about this. I remember when Regina A L M O S T started chemo and radiation here in CHOC, I had the same feeling. I just knew that CHOC is not right for her and thanks god to some good friends we found St Jude. NOW, I am faced with this decision that can possibly harm her. Of course possibility is small but it is there. My issue is- Do I want her to start growth hormone and “possibly” expose her to bigger possibility to second cancers, or do I want her to be short and “chubby” and she is still in risk but in lower risk of cancers return. (Do not laugh mrs K.B. I know my wording is bit off but this is how I feel). Anyway, her meds are here. In my refrigerator. I emailed one of St Jude docs, but I still have not heard back from her. I hope by Monday to hear from her, if not I have to go ahead and start her treatment. Even Reginas doc, told me that GH seems like a great idea, there is not enough research to support that it will do any good for Regina ( Kathy, you told me same thing, maybe you want to become our dd doc- You know how to take temp, and look into ears, and then just nod and tell me that , YES, she has lots of wax in her ears---;) )))

Then I made appointment to get her allergy tested. She has been sick, but not really sick –sick past few months. SO I am suspecting there might be something in our house that makes her sick ( maybe candles, scents, oils, perfumes etc). I just got questionnaire and filled it out. Way to many questions to answer. But I hope it is worth it.


Kathy said...

I sent Valerie an email last week too with the link to dancing Dr. Gajjar in pink spandex and I haven't heard back yet either.

And yes, I think I know enough now to be a pediatrician. Funny thing is that Steven's doctor asks me what I want to do sometimes about Steven.

And I think I'm paying you, therefore you are supposed to have the answers, not me.

So next time maybe I can get him to pay me?

Sandee said...

Sending you all warm cyber hugs