Wednesday, September 13

And the reality finally kicks in...

I received first package with Reginas growth hormone (stuff). Genotropin Pen 5, insturcional dvd, needles, swabs booklets, bags to store. etc.
I am not likeing what I am seeing. Of course meds are not here yet, so i really can not tell you how Regina likes it, but we watched dvd together and she was disturbed. She started crying and had horrible panic attack. And of course I had to have one with her because I had no idea she had it in her. I was scared out of my mind because she was just screaming and could not stop. So after 30 minutes of screams she finally calmed down and told me that she is very upset and that I am bad mom for doing this to her. :(:(:(:( We did more talking today and she promised that she will give it a try. Oh poor her. :( I do not blame her for not being upset over it. Pen itself is very fancy and hip but the action around it sound way to complicated at first. I feel like I WILL NEVER GET IT. lol ( just like I did when I had to learn how to flush her central line and how to change her line dressing). But what choice do I have??? I have to deal with it, and I have to learn to administrate it right. Anwyay, when I get meds and I give her first shot, I tell you for what I really think about it. Until then - i just keep goosebumps all ver my body......

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Kathy said...

Diana, why don't you go on the medullo list and ask for tips? Lots of folks have written about how they do it. Most say the stomach.

Loice has been doing this with Tori since she was Regina's age.

The other thing is you could go to your pediatrician's office to do it the first time and have someone walk you through it.

I'd be nervous too if I was you. Poor Regina, but I'll bet she's going to adapt to this.

When we were at St. Jude I resisted giving IV meds myself for a long time, they'd send me home with sidekicks and I'd end up going back to the medicine room every time we needed something.

But the last cycle I convinced them to let us out of the hospital when Steven's ANC was only 400, he was still neutropenic. The condition was that I would hook him up at home, 3 times a day with IV antibiotics.

It was easy, easier than changing his line dressing, and I wish I'd done it before instead of being so fearful. So much more convenient than having to drive somewhere.

You and I, we watched the nurses do their thing for months. It's not rocket science, just takes practice.

Good luck, we'll be interested to hear how it goes.