Monday, January 29


Few days ago I learned that our friend Madelyn has relapsed. She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in January 2004.

She is one amazing kid...
Think about her she needs your prayers and get well thoughts...:)

Tuesday, January 9


:):):) Regina had her MRI today. Still same. Dr Gajjar is now 100% sure that changes in her Brain that MRI with contrast picked up are due to radiation therapy.

My question to him would be- So if MRi picked up braindamage, how soon are WE going to see the side effects of that severe damage??? ( we allready see minor ones- Very slow processing information and forgetfulness...) Scary stuff..

AND second bestestestest news after clean MRI scan is - WE ARE DONE GOING TO ST JUDE IN EvERY 3 MONTHS. Next apointment will be in 6 monhts . WOHOHOHOHHO

Friday, January 5


Happy New year :)

Please keep your fingeres crossed for Regina. Nick and Her will fly to Memphis on Monday(8th) and she will only have 2 appointments- MRI and nurtrition checkup. :) I hope all is well, and whatever changes appeared in her brain about month ago are no gone. :)