Tuesday, January 9


:):):) Regina had her MRI today. Still same. Dr Gajjar is now 100% sure that changes in her Brain that MRI with contrast picked up are due to radiation therapy.

My question to him would be- So if MRi picked up braindamage, how soon are WE going to see the side effects of that severe damage??? ( we allready see minor ones- Very slow processing information and forgetfulness...) Scary stuff..

AND second bestestestest news after clean MRI scan is - WE ARE DONE GOING TO ST JUDE IN EvERY 3 MONTHS. Next apointment will be in 6 monhts . WOHOHOHOHHO


Kathy said...

That's great news Diana.

As for the white matter lesions (WML's), if that's what they are, this St. Jude paper talks about them:

They say that most patients who develop WML's have no synptoms and the changes disappear over time.

For some people the WML's indicate greater cognitive decline, but not in all.

If Regina was having a cognitive decline, it would be picked up in her cognitive testing, and you said she was doing well.

So I think it's time for celebrating :-)

Sleeping Beauty said...

thanks for the link Kathy.
I have been very nervous And HUNGRY today. ) eating everything on my sight. :lol.. I would have felt much better if I was in Memphis with Regina... But YES, it is time for celebrating... When is your next time to got to memphis.?

lennuk said...

Congrats Regina for a clean scan!
Really happy to hear that!