Monday, January 29


Few days ago I learned that our friend Madelyn has relapsed. She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in January 2004.

She is one amazing kid...
Think about her she needs your prayers and get well thoughts...:)

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senbazuru said...

She's been doing so well, this is very sad news.

And they've got their hands full right now with a new baby on the way.

There is a woman I've been in contact with, Jenny and daughter Catie (ga/catie) who was diagnosed with medullo same time as Steven, Catie was only 1 at the time.

Catie was suspected to have Gorlin's syndrome, a genetic thing that Steven's doctor mentioned as a possibility, we tested before starting radiation.

Catie has had a rough road, because of young age and Gorlin's they tried to avoid radiation. After 3 years Catie passed away 2 weeks ago and new baby arrived a week after Catie died.

A blessing in the midst of such tragedy.

Madelyn is like the Energizer bunny, she keeps bouncing back but I'm not sure she can take another stint on the ventilator, so I really pray those drugs do the trick.

One of these days I'll update Steven's blog again. I don't like new Blogger at all so far, and even though your comment box says I can sign in with blogger account, it won't let me, it's forcing me to sign in with gmail.