Tuesday, August 30


When Regina goes to school or anywhere out to sun, she likes to dressherself up warm. Long sleeve shirt under short sleeve, and pantihose, and of course her cute little pink hat. Lot of the people have noticed it and told me that why am I dressing her up so warm? It is " stupid" to dress her up with so much clothing on her. Or , WOW, WHY DO YOU LET HER DRESS HERSELF UP L I K E THAT???
I tell them that she feels cold and wants to be covered up. First reaction is IS SHE SICK?? I tell them no, but if you really want to know then I tell you. And I tell them .The moment the hear word tumor - their faces change and they start investigating her in complete silence. And of course- YOU POOR THING, OWW, such a sweet little girl.., what a cute little hat, and look at that ladybug on her pantyhose. etc. SOmetimes I with poeple mind theyr own business about other peoples clothes. I am not going around telling them that hey- she is way to young to wear I AM SO SEXY shirt, or.- why her 4 year old face is covered up with make up. Cheesh. I understand the curiosity, but it is not like she is badly dressed . She is just overdressed and if she likes it and does not feel warm- what is the fuss about anyway??? BTW. Her classroom gets really cold( she told me so). So little extra clothing is not the bad thing. :)

Vent of the day.

Saturday, August 27

Gabriel , Heather and Regina. :) We were invited to H. birthday party today. Kids had fun- well, they did most of the time, but of course it is not a party without complete meltdown. Since it was during gabes naptime, he got "little" upset when he could not do what he wanted to do, and he had hard time sharing things with some other kids. But thanks to understanding party goers( moms, dads), Gabriels bad attitude dissapeared, and he enjoyed party till the end. :) I did enjoy it also. I took about 10 slides down from huuuuge slide and I think I have to do some pant shopping tomorrow, because slides and pants- they do not work hand in hand. lol I also enjoyed cake and pizza and drank some diet coke( yeah, I am turning junk food junkie again). Hopefully now I get couple of days and I can start eating less again. ( maybe)


Regina is doing great. She likes her new school and is very exited to go there every morning. She got her first homework assignment which is she has to draw her face, decorate it and cut it out. She thinks it is easy. lol After school she appears little tired, and of course I make her take her daily nap. She does not like the idea of napping during the day, but once she is in bed, she falls asleep right away. :) She is eating well and is active. :)

Today we will attend Reginas friend birthday party. She is very exited about it. She colors and draws pictures for her right now. She also signed her Bday card and now she is making blue moon pic.
I have not seen H and her mom for a loooong time, ( since Gabriels B day). I can not wait untill 12.30. It is almost 10 Am now. 3 and half hours to go. :)

Thursday, August 25

Here she is :) Regina Melody Tan. Ready for school BTW. She was the only girl who was dressed up.

Wednesday, August 24

I'm all alone now

Both my kids are in school now. Gabriel in preschool and Regina started her kindergarten today. She was awake 6.45, ran dowstairs butt naked and dresse herself up for her first day in school She was super exited about her first day. Then we drove her to her new shchool and waited couple of minutes behind her school door. Her teacher told us that she was on her list for early birds, but we got reminder that Regina is late bird. But no big deal.

Before we left to her school I asked Regina if it is ok for me to but away her toys and make room for BIG GIRL stuff. She agreed. So today We will get couple of boxes, decorate them and but away all her soft toys( hundreds of them).

It feels so weird now. i don't know if I should cry or laugh. I wish her best and hope that school is not to hard for her. :)

Tuesday, August 23


Oh, I can not belive that my sweet little Girl is starting kindergarten tomorrow. Unbelivable. Today we went to kindergarten orientation and got some basic information how things are going to be and what we need for school. Regina seems very excited about starting school tomorrow, but I will find out after her first day what she really thinks. I noticed couple of students from Tutor Time were there also, but I am not sure if they will be early birds, or late birds. Regina got placed to Late birds( from 9.19- 12.20). Today, after she wakes up from her nap we have one more little thing to take care off. We have to buy her first day outfit. :)

Monday, August 22

This was my first rental car that got damaged due to collision between unsuspecting driver( me) and careless deer.
Dog Rixi and I. he is about 14 years old and his job is to scare away strangers and unwanted quests.
The day my family found out that I arrived. My mom was in hospital, and was totally surprised that I showed up. At first she thought that My sister had some kind of friend with her. :) Luckily she got home same day. :)
Here comes the Bride- sijas friend Keiju got married :)
Inside the local ( Obinitsa) church. This picture is taken aftter service , It was backed with hundreds of people and was very hot and humid.
family- s dad, brother Tiim, Sister Sija and mom Aime. Local `


Sorry for not updating so long. Place where I stayed in Estonia had no internet connection and I was to lazy to drive to place where internet was present. During my 12 day stay , I did not watch tv, I did not waste time online. I drove around to see all the places I missed and visited with relatives who I have not seen for a long, long time. Sadly my stay was to short and lot of the people I wanted to see I did not see. But regardless of that I had fun. It was really truly refreshing to be back there. Nature is what took my breath away, everything was so green and breathtaking. It smelled fresh there, it looked peaceful and I felt energized but sad that I am not part of that corner of world anymore. But at least I have a chance once in a while to go back there to refresh my memories and chat with people I used to know very well. I noticed that I am starting to grow apart from people and culture. Lot of the times I did not know what to say or how should I behave. I also sensed the same from people with whoom I met up with. :)

Most frequently asked question was of course How Regina is doing- and of course my answer each time was she is doing really well. Sometimes I had to answer that question over 10 times a day. Other top ten questions were -How long to I stay, How do I manage to keep myself in such a great shape, Am i alone, why I am alone, Why I did not take kids with me, do I ever move back to Estonia, what did I miss the most about Estonia, how is the weather In california, do I teach kids to speak Estonian, and many more simple, but afterwhile little annoying questions. lol. :)

I wisited some beautiful places when I was there, I went trout fishing( but since I was such a bad fisherwoman, Sija had to get a fish, I ate lots and lots of good food and ice cream( I gained about 6 fat lbs, but I don't regret gaining it. It is good fat I gained, I ate all the foods I missed the most and of course it included lot of dark rye bread and a good local desserts( homemade ones). I did not have to buy apples or plums or cherries because my family has huge garden and everything is right there- pick and eat as much as you want.
I did miss taking showers though, but it does not mean that I did not wash myself. I boiled a bowl of water every morning and evening and washed myself manuallylol. I did spent some hours in sauna and I wish that we had sauna here in ca. I also survived car crash and couple of falls that made my butt turn purple.
I partyed with friends and drank the drinks I can not get here in US ( good Ciders, and other fun malt beverages that have very different flavour from usa drinks).

I did miss my kids and husband a lot. It felt very wery weird not to wake up every morning besides them. But the same time it was good not to wake up 6 Am :)

What I hated about my trip were flees- OH, I am a flee magnet. Grass flees, dog flees, you name it I got them and they left a itchy bitemarks on me. Of course the moment I felt the bite on somewhere I had to undress and find them or othervise they would have eaten me alive.
I guess it must be my AB negative blood. Luckily I did not have to experiense mosqitos because it is allready cool up there and mosquito season is almost over. But I got fleeeeeees. hate them. I hope that I did not bring any or them to here. lol

Monday, August 8

I just h ave to post this pic. They decided that they want to eat dinner in living room ( pizza and macaroni. They think it is fun to order me around . lol
Hi from Regina and Gabe. :) Regina is doing great. We went to her future new school today to drop off some papers. She keeps askinb me every day about when can she start her kindergarten. She is very exited about it :) Gabriel is still sick. And when he is sick he is sick. He has these sad big brown eyes that just make your heart melt and give him the way. :) His mouth is doing pretty bad, his gums are swollen it means that he can not eat very well. He is hungry and angry. He also has been throwing up a lot. :( He can not keep his milk down , but sadly it is the only thing he wants to drink and only thing that gives him some calories now. :( He finally told me hat he does not want to drink milk anymore because it makes him throw up, and he settled for plain old water. Lets just hope that he recovers from his illness really fast. We also got some "madic Mouthrinse" for him an seems like it helps a little with his swollen gums and tonsils. :)

Friday, August 5


Now I know why Gabriel has been behaving so well past couple of days. Poor boy has strep throat. He also developed rash on his chest and back and has tummy pains. :( His cheeks were kind of red like to red apples, so I took his temp. it was 101.8. My husband took him to see my doctor and that is how we found out what was going on with him. I wish him speedy recovery and really hope that Regina does not get it.

St Jude schedule.

Once again they changed Reginas schedule. We were suppose to fly there on 29th of august. BUT as I found out today, Dr Gajjar is vacationing and our apointments got moved to 6th of september. We will fly there on 5th and return on 7th. Instead of 3 months check up it is almost 5 month check up.

Regina is doing Great. Her cough is gone and she is feeling great. She did scare me couple of times telling me that her forhead hurts and or course I thought OH NO, and started waiting when will she throw up. But She is feeling great now and has no headaces.

Gabriel is behaving much better, he still has his horrible terrible 4 moments, but when daddy says something to him , He'll listen and stop. How nice.!

Wednesday, August 3

OUR CAT IS MISSING. My Dh left our balcony door open last night and our kitty managed to jump down and run away. This morning when I went to drive kids to school I noticed little paw prints on our car. I guess Kiisu just wanted to get back in , but we could not hear him late at night. :( We all miss him very much

Tuesday, August 2

Regina and Gabe trying to jump over the moon. ;)