Tuesday, October 26

Lot has happened

To be honest I have been avoiding this blog.  I  opened it every day with intention to write you something cool  or share my feelings about Reginas One year passing anniversary, but I did not want to do it.  I know Regina want's us to be happy and not cry. Because every time we cried she was sad, and I don't want her to "be" sad. I think being away from cali on her Birthday and Passing anniversary was easier on ME personally, because I did not have to deal with US media-- tv, radio, disney land, legoland, her favorite artists.   I did not have to go to LNES and see her little friends who all attend 5th grade now.. We were in Japan,  doing nothing... To be honest, we did things she would not like doing like WALKING a lot, and eating some weird foods. BUT she would have enjoyed staying to hotels. SHE LOVED HOTELS.... Nuff that... We miss her, and  wish she was here.....<3

 Well, Beijing and China is pretty messed up if you ask me.  I AM HAVING FUN discovering CHINESE china, not tourists china.   It always makes me laugh inside when I hear from people, we went to this country, and ate at that western restaurant, and shopped at THAT store, and ten saw  this temple. etc... but that is about it.  I laugh because, really- you come to china as a tourist, you do things you do in US- why in the world would you come here at all???  To see how well trained  chinese are in  places that are meant for Westerners?  Forget your high heels,  make up, and GET OUT!!!! OUT to see what china or WORLD is all about.  FInd markets where locals shop, how they behave at places, how they bargain, how they dress. It is so much more of an experience than going to starbucks ordering--- upside down something with whipped cream and then texting at cell phone  for few minutes...( Kinda sorta like Nick is ;) )

Again, I have to be honest. It is not my Country, or my Place..  But I am trying to make it.  i am trying to make our apartment our home which is hard, because we don't know if we are going to be here or move to "boring suburbs".  Nick does not understand WHY i like chinese food, or WHY I like weirdness. We had couple of  arguments over HOW things should be done, and  our arguments ended --  him stating  " This is CHina, don't expect anything to be done right.". My question is, IF I don't demand, how things can be done right?  Who will hear my voice ?   Again-  "us customers have no voice". When something breaks, don't try to take it back to store- YOu will be blamed, not poor quality. When something tastes wrong-- You have a bad taste in your mouth-- it is not the food.  When you break a glass- you pay for it , and if you are in a car accident, it is your fault...haha..

So good luck to me.