Tuesday, October 31


My front yard.

today we went trick or treating. We just did our street , which is about 50 houses and that is it. My kids are not really candy lovers- they love plain M&Ms, strawberry lollipops and skittles and that is it. But of course this year we did not get any of these candys and they were dissapointed. lol Lots of reeses cups and other nutty treats that they dislike. So I think I am just going to send most of that candy to estonia. ( about 3 lbs). I told my kids that if they are going to leave candy outside Candy fairywill come and leave them 5 dollars. They were more than happy do to so, so tomorrow when I wake up I have to remember that Candy fairy visited us....

Ok. About costumes- Regina was Ariel and gabriel DUCK. lol He is funny. He does not like superheros or "big time kid stars" he just wants to do his own thing. Good for him for being different. :)

Pictures later. I just have way to much in my mind right now ( well, I ate about 15 mini almond Joys- my faves.....) and Now I am trying to figure out how to stop tat candy to crawling straight to my thighs..... pure processed cancerous sugar..... yuck, but I still like it.

(Riley, Regina and Devin)

AND , if you guys have some good advice what kind of TV to buy , I'd be more happy to listen to your advice since my TV downstairs. ( toshiba) made a blasting sound and went black and now all I can see is red flashing light ( I can't turn tv on or off ) . So now I have to spend my eveinings and days in my bedroom watching 10 locas channels that have commercial brakes same time.....duh...

Tuesday, October 17

Regina and Thanks and giving.... CHECK IT OU!!!

Check out My girl Regina on St Jude Thanks and Giving page :) Isn't she sweet ??? How can you not care if you listen to those cute sweet voices. :)

Monday, October 16

Ride for kids

Thank you Kathy for inviting us to such an cool fundraiser event. :) Regina and gabriel had lots of fun, and so did I. Since, I do not want to rezise my pics down to some crappy quality, I give you my shutterfly album, where all the pics I took are stored. I hope you can view them. But yeah, not that I am in blogger beta i can not post my beautifl large filed pics because blogger says so.

Thursday, October 12

Busy day

Regina and her New glasses :)

Regina Doing Math- SOmetimes you just haveto use toes to add and subtract. :)

Wednesday, October 11


Sugar, Beet
Yeast Brewers
Grass Miz
House dust
Super Cat
Mite mix
Ragweed, Plase
Sage, coast-

These are 23 antigens Regina is receivin now . Of course I do not have to inject her 23 times- it is all in one little bottle and I have to inject it 3 times a week firs 3 months andthen twice a week and then once a week and then maybe once a month... ANd most important thing- shot does not hurt- niidle is tiny and with press of a button it is automaticaly injected in. So fast and painless- it costs us 85 dollars per month. So I hope this therapy will help with her energy levels, she will get her taste back and we 'll see what else may happen :)

Tuesday, October 10


Today I took Regina to get her allergies tested. . They tested 27 differet things. Tomorrow we have to go back to get the Reading, but so far- MILK is worst, PALM trees ( no wonder Regina did so well in estonia and China), Soy products, pear, bakers yeast. Pear is her very fave fruit in whole wide world. :(:(:

Anyway, we are going to add one more shot to her Growth hormone. AND this one is painless and faster than GH, I have to give it to her 3 times a week and when she gets these shots, she will be able to eat EVERYTHING and drink EVERYTHING and LIVE happily ever after. :):) I just hate that I have to put her though so many shots, but I really hope that one day she will apreciate what I am doing now and sees it as a good thing. :):):)

I will let you know more about her testings tomorrow. :)


Monday, October 9

We learn something new every day.

AND i learned today how to give Regina growth hormone shots. It is not as bad at it seemed at first. Nurse from Home heatlh systems came over and thought me how to do so. I gave Regina her very first shot and she smiled at me and asked- that was it? because she could not feel a thing. :):):)

OK. I am a different story. I was sweatin like grazy the whole time. I am still sweating. I was so nervous, I thought I am going to pass out. At one point I turned white as a ghost, but I sat through and did my thing. :)

Friday, October 6


Regina and I are really sick right now. Reginas cough started about week ago, but today she is doing really bad. I have a cough and sore throat and mild fever- for me it started 2 days ago, but hit much harder. :( No , you tell me How I am suppose to take care of healthy 5 year old, really sick seven year old and myself, when I have no energy to do anything. We went to see doc and got antibiotics - I am not even sure what our diagnosis is. It is so hard for me to hear her cough. :( Poor her. :(

Thursday, October 5

Short update.

Regina saw her eye doctor today. ( second time during 2 week period). You ask , why Is she so special that gets to see the world greatest eye doctor so often? But because doctor saw someting in reginas eye last time ( about 2 weeks ago), and he wanted to have more detailed check up.

He told me that Regina has scarring in her right retina, but he did not want to scare us last time and give us some "nonsence" information about ( like , it might be tumor etc). IT IS NOT. But scarring is there and it could be because of chemo, or surgery . or could be because of something else. So we have to make apointment with other doctors to get second opinion. ( I guess I am going to call St Jude and ask them to make opometrist apointment. :)

Regina also got classes- She is farsighted ( sp) and needs classes for reading and computer work. She chose most expencive "girls glasses" Barbie ones. lol Luckily insurance covers 125, I had to pay leftover- 80 dollars. SHE better wear these glasses. :)