Tuesday, October 10


Today I took Regina to get her allergies tested. . They tested 27 differet things. Tomorrow we have to go back to get the Reading, but so far- MILK is worst, PALM trees ( no wonder Regina did so well in estonia and China), Soy products, pear, bakers yeast. Pear is her very fave fruit in whole wide world. :(:(:

Anyway, we are going to add one more shot to her Growth hormone. AND this one is painless and faster than GH, I have to give it to her 3 times a week and when she gets these shots, she will be able to eat EVERYTHING and drink EVERYTHING and LIVE happily ever after. :):) I just hate that I have to put her though so many shots, but I really hope that one day she will apreciate what I am doing now and sees it as a good thing. :):):)

I will let you know more about her testings tomorrow. :)



Kathy said...

What is the other shot, is it for allergies?

You're getting good at this I think :-)

Sleeping Beauty said...

Yes it is for allergies- 3 times a day for about 2-3 years. I would have that shot if I had nut allergis and someone told me _ If you have this shot, you can eat whatever you want and not worry about getting sick. :):):) AND she can start drinking milk again :)

Kathy said...

Are you trying on new templates this week?

Will there be a new one tomorrow?

Sleeping Beauty said...

NO I am not. I uploaded to blogger beta and everything got screwed up. :(:(:( I am just trying to get one that is not loading slow and has no errors in in. :(