Tuesday, October 31


My front yard.

today we went trick or treating. We just did our street , which is about 50 houses and that is it. My kids are not really candy lovers- they love plain M&Ms, strawberry lollipops and skittles and that is it. But of course this year we did not get any of these candys and they were dissapointed. lol Lots of reeses cups and other nutty treats that they dislike. So I think I am just going to send most of that candy to estonia. ( about 3 lbs). I told my kids that if they are going to leave candy outside Candy fairywill come and leave them 5 dollars. They were more than happy do to so, so tomorrow when I wake up I have to remember that Candy fairy visited us....

Ok. About costumes- Regina was Ariel and gabriel DUCK. lol He is funny. He does not like superheros or "big time kid stars" he just wants to do his own thing. Good for him for being different. :)

Pictures later. I just have way to much in my mind right now ( well, I ate about 15 mini almond Joys- my faves.....) and Now I am trying to figure out how to stop tat candy to crawling straight to my thighs..... pure processed cancerous sugar..... yuck, but I still like it.

(Riley, Regina and Devin)

AND , if you guys have some good advice what kind of TV to buy , I'd be more happy to listen to your advice since my TV downstairs. ( toshiba) made a blasting sound and went black and now all I can see is red flashing light ( I can't turn tv on or off ) . So now I have to spend my eveinings and days in my bedroom watching 10 locas channels that have commercial brakes same time.....duh...


Kathy said...

You know, I think there's a law somewhere that forbids writing a post about Halloween that doesn't include photos.

See, I get out of all this by not posting, I am so far behind, the air show we went to, the Ride for Kids, and now Halloween.

As for the TV, I'd just head over to Costco. Our last few TV's have all been Sony's, if they have Sony that is the size you want and can afford, just get it.

Probably other TV's are good too, check:

Then buy one at Costco. You can even buy it online and it will be delivered to your doorstep, go to:

Costco has one of the best return policies I've ever seen, and it's usually the best price.

Sleeping Beauty said...

you and your laws...lol There should be law that reminds us moms to set alarm clock to 6.10 am day after halloween. we woke up 7.40- just in time classes start. lol within 10 minutes I had kids in car , breakfast in their hand they laughing hysterically because I was running around like I was in Fast forward.... but we made it ..
I agree- COstco return policy is awsome. I have only returned one thing within 7 years, but our friends lawn chair broke- 2 years old, and costco took it back ...