Monday, November 6

Genotropin and Regina.

( Regina drew this Picture to my sister Sija today) I have to ship it to her. I am not sure what inspired her, but I love it. It is very interesting piece of art. :)
Regina has been on Genotropin ( growth hormone) over a month now. She really does not mind shots and it is not hurting her. HOWEVER, there are few side effects that are bothering me, and I hope to get answers to my questions when we go to memphis this upcoming sunday ( we will get there at midnight on sunday and get back to OC, on tuesday afternoon).
Anyway , here are the side effects that I think Regina is having.

  • Constant Headaches
  • constant stomach aches
  • feeling "shaky" at times, mostly before bedtime
  • heart beats faster ( she tells me that her heart wants to jump out of her chest)
  • increased birthmark growth.- suddenly seems like birthmarks are increasing in size and popping up one after another
  • SHE IS VERY, VERY moody,
  • VERY hard to handle
  • sudden changes in her mood, ( cryes one moment, and then she is suddenly fine.
  • Little things drive her out of her element- I take her empty cup away, and she will run after me and scream on top of her lungs like I am murdering her..... etc.
  • Increased coughing at night ( one of possible side effects)
So here you go. I am pretty sure that tummy and head pains are caused by meds, also- she might be little depressed, since I am not the "best" mommy at the moment. I expect to much from her and that causes some stress between us.... and Gabriel sees it and uses it to his advantage....

If I got payd to do my job as being mom- I'd be millionaire......

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