Friday, November 10

Real fun week- not.

This week has been real interesting. no school for kids since wedsnesday. You, they have been home with me because of parent/teacher conferences on wednesday thursday and today is veterans day and of course DAY OFF. I am not liking this not one bit. All absent days in school will make my kids summer vacation really short. School ends on june 20th this year. Yuck. I have plans for summmer you know . I wish last day of school was june 10th.

allrighty guys. Guess what ?? 3 months have passed very fast and on sunday Regina, Gabriel and I will go to memphis again. THis time it is really short. Our flight lands in memphis 12 .15 AM ( yup, middle of the night lol) Our first apointment is on monday 4 pm ( MRI) . And on tuesday we have just patient screening an no off therapy and the we fly back to CA ( tuesday afternoon. ) We will be back 6 pm.

I am not asking much from you guys- just think about us and send some clean scan vibes to Regina :)


Kathy said...

Why are you flying so late?

Are you trying to get cheap rate for Gabriel?

We'll pray for clear scans, it's hard to believe it's that time again.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Yes, 500 dollar flight was cheepest one . So I had to take it. lol
I know, time goes by very fast. Starting from march, we will go every 6 months. WOHOOOOOOO!!!!!