Sunday, April 15

Happy Birthday Madison

Tere kallikesed J

Today was such a fun day J I want to thank you Maire for inviting us to her humble home to celebrate her Daughters Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISONJ
Malloy family house is always filled with positive energy and FOOD. LOTS OF FOOD. Maire has lots to be thankful for. Her husband is kitchen remodel dude( American, who can actually fix things. OMG --- AND, and he can cook, ( sorry Maire, You are great cook, but I will not place you before Steve….

Grilled chicken, beef, burgers, hot dogs,,,, cheese dips, ( Maire made the bestestest artichoke tip I have had in a long time, AND her pasta salad was also very tasty. It was so nice to just sit back and relax,, ( which I did not do , because I still had to keep an eye on kids…. ;) But oh my, at least it was not me who had the clean house in the end. ;)

So MADDY, one more time--- HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

Wednesday, April 11


I am laughing out loud right now. Regina and Gabriel have been asking from me forever to Call Estonia and get some Estonian Cow candy ( YUMMMMM). So today I told them, ok guys. Write grandma letter and let her know that you need some cow candy.
REgina did.

While I was on phone Regina asked me something,but I was not really listening... What she was asking was- HOW DO YOU WRITE GRANDMA...
But since I was on Phone I thought she asked - HOW DO you write COW CANDY in ESTONIAN... WHich is- LEHMAKOMM.. so this letter is from Regina and Gabriel TO: LEHMAKOMM....
sorry grandma.... lol

Monday, April 9

st Jude

Memphis as it is..
OR, should I say as It was..
Our trip from OC started out fine.. I printed tickets out in advance, so I did not have to waste time figuring out how those self serving “ ticket” printers are supposed to work…

I LOVE continental. Nice service, bigger seats, more space… LOVE it..
BUT.. our paradise ended there… During take off Regina started crying. At first I thought Gabriel did something to piss her off, But then I started asking questions and I found out that Her HEAD hurts. IT HURTS A LOT, that is what Regina told me. I guess pressure in the cabin got more intense and she started screaming.. I was freaking out, crying with her, not sure what to do. … Finally she calmed down… UNTIL it was time to land…. She started complaining ear pain… and I knew- she has an ear infection ..
So in Houston drama repeated and she was pretty miserable… LLL

On Monday we had Endocrine clinic appointment. I WAS Pissed. I must say. I saw schedule and only thing it had on was ENDOCRINE FOLLOW UP . WHICH means , I spent 550 dollars on Gabe , just to go there to get an YES< Regina grew littlebit… ( she did wohooo)
Now DRAMA… I gave it to them in full force, I asked what is deal about scheduling, blah blah blah blah, me crying and screaming, and HER , getting frustrated with me and telling me- I should discuss my issues with social worker. Ha Yeah, I probably should, I also told them, that WHY I could not see endocrinologist here in OC. AND you know what was her response- YES, YOU COULD. And I was really confused then… and I gave them even more drama.. Because I was told that It is not possible, you can’t , we have to see you here blah blah blah. Anyway, very confusing… But we got everything finally straightened out and now I am starting to look for an endocrinologist here incase we will have “ issues” going there…
(BTW) , Even though we “graduate” yearly appointments only, we have to see endocrinologist there in every 6 months, and if they feel like testing us between, they may fly us over there whenever they feel like ;) .. Not happy about that… ( But, please tell me when I am happy??? )

NOW, back to that follow up thing. I TOLD THEM, that’s all I am here for, FOLLOW up, no labs, no bone age xray???? HUH, You better do all those things because I feel ripped off… I could get YES, REGINA HAS GROWN a LITTLE from her doc… So she disappeared for few seconds and was back and told me- I GOT YOU labs in hospital 9.15, and BONE age xray 9.45. ( sarcastic smile, you know what I am thinking about, I WAS RIGHT).
And we had to see E clinic, because REGINA does have ear infection and I wanted to get some meds before we take our flight back.. She got antibiotics and ear drops, and Tylenol for pain ( I am really happy about it, because all that would have cost m around 70 dollars ( my insurance prescription plan sucks), but at least I got that without any cost ( thank you all of you who are donating to St Jude, JJJ )/

Our next trip to St jude will be around 10th of JULY. LOOOOONG trip this time.
I hope your Easter was fun…

Thursday, April 5

Regina is Recovering from eye infection (s), that started with a bad cold. Yes, she gets sick every time before we go to St Jude. Yep you got it, we are leaving this Sunday ( early morning)… and have only Endocrine appointment on Monday and then we will fly back and enjoy rest of Spring thing.....