Sunday, April 15

Happy Birthday Madison

Tere kallikesed J

Today was such a fun day J I want to thank you Maire for inviting us to her humble home to celebrate her Daughters Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISONJ
Malloy family house is always filled with positive energy and FOOD. LOTS OF FOOD. Maire has lots to be thankful for. Her husband is kitchen remodel dude( American, who can actually fix things. OMG --- AND, and he can cook, ( sorry Maire, You are great cook, but I will not place you before Steve….

Grilled chicken, beef, burgers, hot dogs,,,, cheese dips, ( Maire made the bestestest artichoke tip I have had in a long time, AND her pasta salad was also very tasty. It was so nice to just sit back and relax,, ( which I did not do , because I still had to keep an eye on kids…. ;) But oh my, at least it was not me who had the clean house in the end. ;)

So MADDY, one more time--- HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

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