Friday, October 6


Regina and I are really sick right now. Reginas cough started about week ago, but today she is doing really bad. I have a cough and sore throat and mild fever- for me it started 2 days ago, but hit much harder. :( No , you tell me How I am suppose to take care of healthy 5 year old, really sick seven year old and myself, when I have no energy to do anything. We went to see doc and got antibiotics - I am not even sure what our diagnosis is. It is so hard for me to hear her cough. :( Poor her. :(


Kathy said...

Once when I was pregnant with Sean and Steven was two, Steven got a really bad stomach flu. Doug was out of town, I had to take him to ER for IV fluids, it was really bad.

Then he recovered and I got it. 7 months pregnant with 2-year old who's feeling great. I was so wiped out I couldn't get up off the couch. When I went to the bathroom to throw up, I was so weak I just stayed in there on the floor, I couldn't even get up to walk, let alone feed Steven.

So I called my sister. Who else but family can you call in times like that? She had to leave work to come to my house to care for Steven and me. I didn't want to ask any of my friends with small kids because I was afraid they'd get it too.

I hope the antibiotics work. Sounds like you need Sija back. Or maybe I can arrange to loan you one of my sisters:-)

Sleeping Beauty said...

Stomach flu and pregnancy just do not match.
Nice offer but I have to pass. ;) Your sister sounds nice, but I have to pass also- because then I have to clean up my house, and put on some make up, and get out of PJ's . Not gonna happen. lol.

I think zitromax is working since I feel little better, but her cough is still hitting her very hard.

Kathy said...

Hope y'all are feeling better today :-)