Thursday, September 7

I am still kind of confused by all this...

Kids have been in school for 3 days now. I had to fill out way to many forms and write quite few checks . Anyway school is from 7.40-2.07 Gabriels school is from 7.40 -11.07 and after that he is on K+ program. SO I filled out lunch forms and submitted them. On tuesday we were told to send money to school with kids for lunch- which I did. So today I asked Regina if she had lunch in school today. She said no because she did not have money with her. I did not send money with her since nobody asked me to do it and I thought they allready started the prepayed lunch thing. She tells lunchlady her number and she gets lunch, but I guess not. Now I feel bad because I only gave her very small snack and when I picked her up she was hungry. Poor, her- stupid me. I have to start asking more questions. And stop assuming. Then other funny thing- I sent lunch money with gabriel because I forgot to fill his lunch application but when I picked him up, he told me that he did not eat his lunch since he did not have money. I GAVE HIM MONEY, I put it in his lunchbox and I told him that money is there. But he forgot .... I just have to figure out how this all works.

I payed for 24 lunches for both of them. SO I do not know what happens when that money is spent, are they going to take money off my credit card for next month and then for next.... so confusing.( at least for me and since it is my first year to do school lunch - ju just have to excuse my stupidity. :)

Gabe and Regina are liking school. Gabriel have been behaving well and listening his new teacher. Good boy. Regina is also doing great, but when I ask about school I get this- Mommy, I really do not want to talk about school, nothing interesting happened.... duh...


Kathy said...

We have retrained our kids and I'll tell you how.

So, they come home and we ask them what happened at school and they say nothing. We say what did you learn today and they say nothing.

So, we say, if the school didn't teach you anything today, you still have to learn something, so we teach them something. Could be anything, how far is the earth from the sun, anything.

They hate that, so now they always have some answer.

Try it :-)

Have you inquired yet about an IEP for Regina?

I'm so glad to hear she's doing well in school and if you need me to come down and punch any nasty people in the face for you, just let me know.

Sleeping Beauty said...

yes, I did. They are trying to get all people together sometimes soon and then we will have meeting and go from there. :)

lol , that is funny about our kids. I spoke to other moms and they told me same thing- their kids refuse to talk about school- nothing really happened , we just did some stuff and that is it. lol