Tuesday, August 22


So today Regina scared me a little. As I was cleaning up after breakfast this morning I suddenly hear Reginas sad little voice. "Mommy, I am really dizzy right now, I can not sit down, I have to lie down right now. So I stopped what I was doing and hurried to help her. After 30 minutes she told me that she is not feeling dizzy anymore and she is ready to play now. BUT of course the first thought that raced to my mind was-- OH NO.....( You know what comes next). I think that she needed a little sugar rush to take over and so we baked cupcakes after she was feeling better. Now she is back to normal and is playing computer games...

Tomorrow we are going to Reginas friend Bday party in Build A Bear. It will be lots of fun. :):):) She has been asking about this party every day since we got invite. :)

And Soon is Reginas Birthday and I still have no slightest idea what to do. We went to mall and they had on shop for girls and they do "Girly" partys there for kids, BUT minimum cost for Bday is 300 dollars and price per kid is 50 dollars ( so , if we want to invite 12 kids it will be 600 dollars+ cake and treats .... WAY to expencive, she really liked that store but NO way I am going to spend close to 1000 dollars for 1,5 hours.

Second option is Chucki Cheeses- it is 11.95 per person and I could pull it off + it will be fun for boys and Girls same time :) I have couple of more days to think about it and I hopefully make up my mind pretty soon because September 19th is almost here.



Kathy said...

That dizziness/vomiting stuff-- with Steven, it just happens periodically. Inexplicably and so far, with no rhyme or reason.

Usually in the month preceding our St. Jude visit, but sometimes right after.

I think the real reason is to keep me humble. It's God's way of keeping me neurotic.

Regina's looking good. Steven starts school Monday. Wednesday we're skipping school for Steven and taking him to L.A. for a consultation with hair transplant doctor. All this was, of course, inspired by your call.

I'll email you later and tell you more. I'm not emailing now because St. Jude firewall won't let me, instead I will leave long comments on your blog until email works again.

One more day of cognitive testing. Steven really hates it. I am so, so ready to come home, problem is, I want to take a vacation as soon as I get back.

Sleeping Beauty said...

I have been searching about transplants online but have made no calls. yes, please let us know what doctors in LA told you. We'll start calling to people when Nick is home- at least then I have some kind of emotional support if i start hearing NO after NO way..

Regina Loved her testing because she got Awsome prizes afer each testing. lol