Wednesday, July 23



We arrived YESTERDAY on time. Flight was great . And went without any major issues. Weather in Tallinn is gorgeous. We are spending some time with our friends in Northen estonia and on monday we will go to my hometown in Southern Estonia. Talk to you all later :)


Old Lady Lincoln said...

So happy you and REgina made it safely there. Hae a great time. I guess hubby and Gabriel will be on their own for a while?

Kathy said...

I'm glad you all got there OK.

We're all going to Bakersfield on Saturday, then all of us are driving from there on up to Montana.

Ride for Kids San Diego stuff came today, hope you guys will come this year.

Have an awesome trip.

katarina said...

Armas eesti tydrukust Eestimaa pinnal pilti n2ha. Ilusat suve.

Anonymous said...

Just where in the map are you??? Clueless in California!!