Monday, July 12


We still have our house.  It is still available :) House of steel :D

Sadly, Nick  is going to take Gabriel to China on July 26th :(. In a way it is kind of cool- I will be resting for a month. If we don't sell our house by End of August, we will lease it out. I don't like the idea of leasing out, but seems like   people are more interested leasing than buying.

I told him that all I want when he is gone-- TV and MY bed-- and 2 wineglasses, because that is all I am going to do for a month.. Drink wine. Sometimes alone, sometimes I will fill my friends wine glass with vodka and let her have it.
I am not really stressing over  moving, but it gets little  annoying  bossing my family around--- "SHHH, I JUST CLEANED SHOWERS, and you just took a shower, and we have people coming over in  20 minutes.. OR.. DAMN, I just emptied my sink and now it is filled with empty dishes.. WTF... Gabriel is actually kind of  cool, and Nick is getting it too.. No more dirty clothes all over master suite..  Next thing I will be asking from them  -- Please no "tooting"... Nobody cares about  extra "aromas" floating

Gabriel had his FIRST piano Recital-- He played Fur Elise and Marching song.. Instead of one applause he got 2 :D  - Well, rule was to applaud in beginning- then let them play 2 songs and applaud again-- BUT Gabriel played Fur Elise so well  people forgot about NO APPlaud rule between songs, and he got  CLAP CLAP CLAP :D:So proud of my pianist :D

We also had couple of fun parties and Dinner events with friends :D You have no idea how much I love this OC or actually California lifestyle-- There is something for everyone. For me, for you, for rest of you..hehe.. you just have to find it :)
My best friend had her Pimps and Ho's party ( my idea), 4th of July party with my other friend, numerous dinner parties... Playdates for Gabriel,  etc...
There is never dull moment in our house. We are always on the go. Sometimes I think we plan to much ( My fault), but I just want to be active.... :D


MIss my princess Regina...

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