Tuesday, December 27

Ho ho ho and

oh, I look like fat santa myself now. I have been eating nonstop since 21st of december. But honestly, I am so sick of potato salads and sausages I am about to puke. ( lol) sorry dear sweet Estonians. If you read this, make sure that If I come to your house- only serve water and gabbage. Thank you !!!

Today was -15C cold. Cold, cold cold. Everything is soo beautiful. White, sparkling- looks clean and really peaceful. Regina is doing better, but they do miss usa. We have no interenet connection at home , so kids are bored to death because they have nothing to do. My moms house is really small- just 3 rooms and kitchen. The rooms we live in we also sleep in. So it is grazy 24/7. We also are allready getting to each other nerves......

On a happier note- tomorrow (dec 28th ) is our 7th wedding anniversary. For that we leave kids with my parents and drive to tallin to celebrate. ( tallin is about 350 kilometers from my parents house, it takes about 4 hours to drive there, but it'll be worth it.

Take care and happy holidays...

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Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary, hope you had an awesome day and that you enjoy the rest of your trip.