Sunday, December 18

Ho,ho , Ho and merry christmas

Santa baby.... bring me some cash, like few million dollars. I really need that money....;)

Today was busy day. We woke up 9 am. Ate breakfast. I told kids to check their stockings and they did and , oh how surprised they were when they discovered that stockigs were not empty anymore. :)

Then we headed to Ralps to buy some food. And around 2pm we went to our neighbors house for Christmas Partey.
The moment I stepped into her house , my christmas spirit came back. her house looked amazing. She had about 3 snow willages , 2-3 christmas trees, EVERYTHING was decorated and it was done in such a classy manner. Her house was A M A Z I N G!!!!! It was like a museum inside. Beautiful :) We had early dinner there, chit chatted with neighbors and then around 4 pm we left.

Then we headed to Reginas friends house. We exchanged gifts, kids played and I had fun talking to Beth. :) After we got home , gabriel played with his new car for an hour , regina sorted out her stickers and now they are sleeping and I am trying to figure out what have I not packed. lol

I have 2 HOT pink suitcases full of things. One suitcase weighs 56 lbs and other 30 lbs. I have my backback almost ready- it is missing my laptop and camera. I packed Reginas suitcase because I wanted to take along something they have not seen yet because our trip is 18 hours total and if I do not have any good surprizes to take along with me, I'll be in big trouble. lol

Now I ran into another little problem. I have tracking number for Reginas passport ( it is through USPS, BUT it does not work. It is starting with letters EV, but when I check usps letter, non of the tracking number there start with EV. So I think I hav to wake up early to find out what is going on and Why I can not track her passport.

OK. Now good night. I take my acking bones to bed and dream about sourkrout and blood budding.......

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